Libra Man Relationship Compatibility: What They Look For In Women


You’ve probably heard your fair share about how charming, romantic and loyal Libra men can be when they fall in love. These flirtatious and playful individuals turn into the most soft and loving creatures when in the arms of the woman they adore. That makes them rather desirable, doesn’t it? I bet that every single woman would want a man like that in her life.

Have you ever wondered, however, what does a Libra Man want in a woman? Has it ever occurred to you that these people have their own set of criteria that they tend to stick to when choosing their partner and have you tried to check whether you fall into the category of their perfect woman? If those are some questions that have been swirling around your mind for quite a while now, I believe it’s high time you got your answers.

While I cannot know for sure if you are the woman of a Libra man’s dreams, here’s what I can do. I can get you familiar with some of the traits that they look for in women and then you can be the judge of it. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, in order to help you figure out whether you would be the perfect match for the Libra man that you have set your eyes on. Let’s cut to the chase.

  1. Beauty

Libra men definitely take care of their appearance and they would like their woman to do the same. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a model or anything like that. It simply means that you need to be able to attract them in one way or another, whether with your natural beauty and mesmerizing, mysterious looks, or with your perfect make-up skills. The point is, you don’t need to be fit for the cover of a magazine, but you definitely need to have something that will attract this man.

  1. Intelligence

While beauty is negotiable, intelligence definitely isn’t. This man won’t waste his time on a woman he has nothing to talk to about and a person who is incapable of understanding both his jokes and his deep, serious thoughts. To put it simply, you need to intellectually stimulating. Otherwise, he will get bored rather quickly and your relationship will come to a halt.

Here’s what you should know before you start dating a Libra man:

  1. Mystery

Being beautiful and smart is definitely a huge plus, but if you are completely open about everything and don’t keep anything to yourself, then the magic is bound to die down rather quickly. What does this mean precisely? Well, in short, it means that you need to be at least a tad mysterious in order to keep this man interested in you. They tend to lose interest if they know absolutely everything about someone.

If you are mysterious by nature, then you will definitely be a great match for this particular man. Just make sure not to exaggerate it, because you still want to let them know you to some extent. Just keep it slow and maintain a certain level of mystery. That way, you will keep a Libra man interested in you for a long, long time.

  1. Patience

Everybody knows that Libras can be rather flirty and very romantic. This can be a good thing, until you realize that their flirty personality can go beyond the limits of your actual relationship. This man needs a lot of time before he decides he’s ready to settle down and commit to one woman and one woman only and that can be the cause of a lot of arguments in your relationship.

What you need to understand here is that they want and need you to be patient. If you couple your intelligence and your mysterious nature with patience, you will be able to tame these men, so to speak, and they’ll come to the point where they are completely devoted to you. So, patience is definitely a must, even though it might be a bit difficult to stay patient, especially in the beginning.

  1. Great Chemistry

One of the things that a Libra man wants from love, including those listed on this website, is passion. If there is no chemistry between you two, then he is bound to lose his interest rather quickly. This man needs you to crave him and always be ready to sort of melt when in his embrace. Passion is certainly a big deal in their lives and they are usually not ready to stay committed to a woman that doesn’t excite them and that doesn’t make them want to rip her clothes off whenever the two of them are alone. This is something you either have or don’t have, since chemistry certainly cannot be faked.

  1. Honesty

Libras have an extreme sense of righteousness and they are usually very honest and direct. They certainly want the same thing from their woman, because they absolutely can’t stand dishonesty. If you are caught lying and being deceitful a couple of times, you can be sure that your relationship is not simply in jeopardy, but definitely bound to end sometime soon. Libra men are patient, but they will, at some point, decide to get out of a relationship in which the woman is deceitful and dishonest.