Keeping a Relationship in Secret: Is it Necessary?


Many people do not like being alone. This is understandable. When two persons have found out that they match each other and started a relationship, they may be faced to a question: isn’t it better to keep their relations in secret? To make a decision, it is better to give due weight to all the pros and cons.

First, everything depends on the type of personalities. There are introverts who tend to keep their life in privacy. Even such trivial things as a Friday beer party with colleagues is an ordeal for them. On the contrary, there are plenty of projects like Lifeundercam where couples show their relations to the publicity and spectators. They believe that they can teach others not to make mistakes they do, as well as pay attention to own drawbacks to improve their relationship.

Statements For Keeping Relations in Secret

  • When two colleagues have decided to try themselves as a couple, undoubtedly, at the initial stage, it is recommended not to disclose the state of their affairs. Additional gossip or interest from curious colleagues will only prevent the normal development of the bonds. It is alike to the situation when two friends from a company have started dating. It is better to make sure that these relations are strong enough before telling everyone.

  • If one or both partners have had relations in the past, especially serious ones, they may want to keep them in privacy in order not to hurt their ex’s for at least some time. It is better not to throw new relations in the face of an ex. Probably, this person may suffer more because of relations breach. Respecting the feelings of other people, one may protect him or herself from suffering in the future.
  • Some people adore being involved in something secret. They avoid touching each other, holding hands, and kissing each other in public. However, crossing the doorstep, they start hugging and kissing. This secrecy is lifting their relations to a different level.

Drawbacks of Secret Relations

  • If one of the partners insists on hiding relationships, it can be the reason for doubts. Probably, he or she is married or involved in other relations. Of course, it can be a wrong opinion. It is better not to create a huge problem, but, in case of doubts, one shall better check if these concerns are true-to-life.

  • Being invited to a party or any event which foresees +1 option, in secret relations, there are two options: to refuse from attending or arrive alone and explain to every person who is interested in an acquaintance why you decline.

In any case, the decision about the secrecy or publicity of relations is to be made by these two people. It is their life, and they make the rules to follow. A couple should take all the pros and cons into account and make a decision. Those who have got friends in secret relations should better support them and keep this secret together with them.