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Ukraine is becoming an increasingly popular destination for foreign couples seeking affordable surrogacy services. Many couples today have various difficulties in trying to conceive a child. Fortunately, modern medicine has in its arsenal many tools to combat this diagnosis. The most common methods are IVF programs. In a nutshell, this is a process in which embryologists connect the eggs of the expectant mother with the sperm of the father in vitro.

Even though IVF is the most effective method of infertility treatment today, it still does not guarantee a 100% positive result. According to doctors, IVF programs end in pregnancy in only 50% of women from 20 to 25 years, and in only 15-20% of women over 40 years of age. Some women cannot bear a child even after IVF.

A surrogate mother in Ukraine

Women who are ready to become surrogate mothers come to the rescue. Ukrainians are increasingly worn under the hearts of foreign babies, helping to feel the joy of motherhood to childless couples. Surrogacy statistics are not available in Ukraine. Some babies who are artificially born immediately go abroad with their biological parents to never know where they were born and whose body allowed them to be born.

Women are given good money. However, society still does not want to understand the essence of artificial reproductology, and infertile couples, despite the prohibitions of the church, are ready to shell out amounts of up to 50 thousand dollars to get the opportunity to become parents.

According to the law, a healthy woman who is already 18 years old can become a surrogate mother, while she must have her own baby, and the medical history should not include medical contraindications. In clinics, as a rule, women from 21 to 35 years of age who gave birth at least a year ago without complications and cesarean section are involved in the surrogacy program.

In addition, the law states that pregnancy should occur with the help of IVF, without the participation of the eggs of a surrogate mother. Mostly, the services of Ukrainian women are used by couples from abroad, most often from European countries, where surrogacy is prohibited or has restrictions. Ukrainian legislation in this area is one of the most favorable in the world, and the right of genetic parents is protected even at the stage of embryo replanting. Besides, our women are unpretentious and ask for a relatively small remuneration for their work – from $ 10,000 to 15,000.

Even though surrogate motherhood is becoming more common, it is worth going for it only as a last resort, and not make it a life choice. The success of the procedure depends on many factors, starting with the age of a surrogate mother and ending with the quality of the original genetic material. Moreover, although this is not an easy process, it gives hope to hundreds of couples to have a child.