It’s Written In The Stars


What is the basic daily routine for you? Wake up, go to the bathroom, have a shower, wash your teeth, go to the room to get dressed and look in the mirror. How does it feel, looking in the mirror?

Many people have the feeling of being incomplete. It is not strange or even odd. It is an ordinary thing especially when we have daily discoveries of people here and there looking one way or another. We might not be competing with anyone directly, but we are indeed doing so on an unconscious level. We try to look better, to do better, to act better in order to impress someone. The main mistake we make is that we do not try to impress ourselves well enough.

The best way to please yourself is to get to know yourself first. It means get acknowledged to what you like, what you don’t like. Know what you are capable of doing. Many people address prophets and Psychics for that. Indeed “It is written in the stars” – they said. So why don’t we read our stars? There are people who believe it is true and tarot cards can tell everything, while others do not. It can be pretty individual and may not always come true to those who do not believe.

Stars and astrology is a whole thing. People for many centuries have been reading stars and making conclusions according to them. If you are informed and know what you are looking for, they might show you the way. Some people have a very strong belief in zodiac signs and horoscopes. They can even make some predictions of the characteristics according to your zodiac sign. This might be true, as the period when you are born to determine a lot about your personality. For example Leo, which is represented by the King of the Jungle, the Lion. People born under this mark tend to be much more extroverted, excited, enthusiastic, and in some cases even egocentric. Leos absolutely adores attention, they chase it wherever they can find it, and once they do, they fight tooth and nail not to lose it. It’s a bad day for anyone that steals the spotlight from a Leo, and most of us can agree based on experience I presume. If you’re a Leo but don’t believe in astrology, try it at least once for the fun of it, you’ll be able to see quite a lot of uncanny resemblances of yourself and your individual character inserted in every sentence you read. Moreover, you can always try having a free reading online anytime you want. Whether you are suspicious about the horoscopes and prophets, you can simply check it, or if you are into that stuff follow the advice and who knows maybe your stars have prepared something for you.


Whether you believe it or not, your zodiac sign tells a lot about your personality, though for this to be true, you need to know quite a lot of information about your birth, specific timing, as well as the date. As you might be Sagittarius according to the date of your birth, you might appear to have characteristics of a Capricorn according to your birth date and timing. Yes, it is a whole thing that you need to understand well. If for some reason you do not find your horoscope familiar to you and there is nothing that describes you, it might be simply because you do not know what your true zodiac sign is. Anyways, sometimes in the morning routine not only checking of the weather forecast comes across, but checking the daily horoscope.


Let’s get back to the impressions. In the beginning, we were talking about the impressions and being impressed. Once you get acquainted with yourself you will be very impressed with the discoveries you have made. Even checking your zodiac sign and personal characteristics that it offers can be extremely helpful, it might be a very vivid way for you to see some things that you have not paid attention prior.


Believing in horoscope or not is not a major point. Every day you have expectations from the day and from the people. It can happen that one morning you check the horoscope and it can stay in your consciousness. By the evening before going to sleep it will slip into your mind and you will recognize some of the actions and your attitude towards them, just the same as stars have predicted for you. This is one way of getting to know yourself.

Get impressed and Impress others.


Sometimes what we seek in our daily routine are the new discoveries. What we really need is to make discoveries within ourselves. How? Look slightly deeper in your mind. Ask some questions talk to yourself. Some of the most desired questions can be answered with some very simple discoveries. Discover how well you can moderate between yourself and others. Present yourself in the best half. It is not necessary to open up completely, but it is necessary to know both halves.


Did you know how well you could paint, draw, communicate or write? No, because most probably you have not tried all of them. In order to make a discovery, you need to start. That is what most of the horoscopes predict – do not be afraid to take up something. Be brave and you will achieve the goal. Be brave just like a Leo zodiac sign would have always been.

Find Beauty In You

What we try to do is find beauty in cosmetics, in clothes in magazines. While doing that we miss the most beautiful part – us. The most beautiful thing we have is us. Imagine you being a clay. If you know how to work with clay, you can make a masterpiece out of nothing. In your case, it is even simpler, because you are already something and you need to learn how to work with yourself in order to get the masterpiece version of you. Don’t get confused. Learn how to deal with it. Get to know yourself and discover your own beauty. After that, look at the sky and find your personal star, it will always lead you in the correct direction.