It’s Never Too Late! How to Find the Work You Love


If you are reading these lines, it probably means that you are on a crossroad and are not completely satisfied with what you do. Don’t worry, you are not alone! Statistic shows that every second person would like to switch jobs, and over 50% of all the adults hate what they do. Can you imagine how easy it would be to make this world a happier place if everyone could do what he wants to do?

There are many reasons, which can be a sort of a ringing bell that indicate that you need to think about changing your career. Some people think they are too old for changes, others are not confident enough, and some are simply stuck in a routine. Do you feel stressed every time you hear the alarm clock in the morning? Are you anxious and sad every Sunday evening, knowing that the weekend is over? Are you checking on your watch every five minutes, when it is time to head home? Do you envy your friends, who share details about their business trips and generous bonuses?

If the answer is yes, it is time to change something in your life. Don’t waste your time on completing the tasks you don’t like, as you are doomed to live a boring life, not revealing your potential to the fullest. So if you are waiting for a sign, here it is: do something to change your life! Change your occupation, switch jobs and acquire new skills, doing the things you truly enjoy! 

Main Reasons Why You Should Change Your Career

During my career, I have switched jobs a countless number of times. Thanks to my parents’ support, I always knew that I won’t settle until I find the occupation of my dreams. However, I had to gain experience at first and it was quite a complicated path with lots of ups and downs, stress and victories.Every time I felt something was going wrong or was missing, I switched jobs without any hesitations or fears.

Below is a list of the main reasons, which make people (and I am not an exception) look for other opportunities. I hope that they will help you to decide whether you are also trapped in a wrong environment and will give you a chance to make a step towards the future you are dreaming of.


It is almost impossible to find a company or occupation, which won’t cause you stress or anxiety. And mobile app developers are not exception: heavy workloads, burning deadlines, unpleasant coworkers and early wake-ups can be really annoying. However, such situations may not happen too often to make you want to change something.

Ask yourself, whether you feel stressed and depressed most of the times because of lots of responsibilities, lack of sleep and rest. If you can’t stand your boss and your coworkers annoy you day after day, it is definitely a reason for choosing another option.

Once I was working for a huge corporation. My salary was great and my office had a window, overlooking the park but my boss was always displeased, threatening to fire every worker even for the slightest mistake. I couldn’t take such disrespect and left in two month, wanting to work with people, who value each other.

Always put your health first and try to work in a positive environment, which won’t cause you constant stress or even depression.

Company is Falling Apart

Business world is constantly changing and you never know whether you will wake up an occupied person or an unemployed one. That is why it is very important to always be aware of the changes and be ready to leave the sinking ship.

If your company is starting a policy of staff reduction or is changing the niche, decide whether you also want to change the course or it is better to move further, following your own path. New career may become your safety boat and protect from lots of complications in future.


When I was a postgraduate student, I started sending out resumes, hoping to find a company, which would be ready to hire a person without any work experience. The first day I had three interviews, one of which was very successful and they offered me the job immediately. Only later, I found out that they hired me because the expected salary was lower than they were ready to offer.

That is why another reason of changing the job is the fact that you are more valuable for another company or industry. If you know that someone values your skills and is ready to pay more, don’t hesitate to try your luck and attend an interview or two.


If we don’t grow, we start our way to degradation. That is why it is always important to be able to improve your skills, even if you complete the same tasks over and over again.

When you feel that you have outgrown your position and you know that you are not learning anything new, it is better to find the occupation, which will help you to develop.

If you find even a couple of the reasons I have pointed out appealing, maybe it is time for you to change your life. It is never too late to do what you like to do, even if you have been working in a certain company for many years.

History can share many examples, when famous people changed their careers multiple times before finding their own niche. For example, Michael Bloomberg, the CEO of a world-known Bloomberg L.P., left his job at 59 to become the mayor of New York City in 2002 and Donald Fisher opened the first Gap store in 1969 without any previous retail experience.

How to Find a New Job That You Love

I also used to hate my job, working for at different IT companiesthat couldn’t give me any satisfaction or joy. However, I found energy and strength to change my career and now I can call myself a happy person! I managemy company and I have a chance to work from home, completing the projects I love.

Of course, I cooperate with another companies from time to time but they value my work and pay respectfully. That is why I want to share the advices, which helped me during the complicated period of switching occupations.

Look at Your Skills

When you want to change your career, you may face insecurity, not knowing whether you will have all the necessary skills and knowledge. The best advice in such case is to look at the required skills and see which of them you possess. It may become an additional motivation to acquire new experience and attend courses and to widen your horizons to perform new responsibilities. If you’re into the health industry, an online msn np might help you acquire the right skills you need as you pursue a better career path.

Find Out What Makes You Happy

The main reason why people decide to switch jobs is the fact that they are not happy with their current occupation. That is why you need to have a clear understanding of what makes you happy or annoys you at the moment. You can make a list and rate the points according to their relevance. This will surely help you to find the job, which will suite you perfectly. If compensation is one of the things that motivates you, you can check for jobs such as the salary rate of a software engineer to see if this is appealing to you. You can filter your list depending on what you love to do and what makes you happy.

Get Your Home Office

If you want to become a remote or a freelance worker, you can start organizing your office at once. Don’t wait until you get a job offer or start a new project: find a place, which will serve as your office and set everything up to get started!

It will be a great motivation and will surely make the transition process much easier. When I decided to become a IT managerand not a programmer, I bought a desk at the first place. It was a reminder that my dreams are coming true and this reminder never failed!


Networking is probably the most popular and effective way of searching for the new opportunities. Don’t get closed in your shell and start communicating, making useful connections and asking others whether they have a project you can be useful for. However, you need to be selective if you don’t want your search to reach the ears of your current boss!

Every article needs a conclusion and mine will be very simple and obvious: it is never too late to change your career if you feel like you want to do something else. It is much better to welcome a new day with positive thoughts, getting ready for work with a smile on your face. Do what you always wanted to do and you will see that you will always be where you need to be!

It is not easy to step outside the comfort zone but if you do, you will never regret. Widening your horizons will help you to see new opportunities, making a step further to your dream. I guarantee that every workday will be better than the previous one if you choose to follow your heart!

Even if you face difficulties, you will know that you are on a right path and no one will be able to change that!

Author Bio:David Halmore isthe Devyroom co-founder and expert in everything related to digital and mobile fields. He is a reputable specialist focused on developing mobile solutions for different niches from scratch. A recognizable entrepreneur, David is also a dedicated explorer and writer craving for the latest news and updates in the digital media world. His every post provides a clear picture of the niche in general as well as specific solutions to the problems raised.