Is Your Health Connected To Your Past Life?


Jamie was a 28-year-old nurse when she began to feel something strange was taking place in her life. Jamie would often wake up in a panic at night. It would take great effort to catch her breath. She felt as if she was pinned to the bed with something heavy pressing down on her chest.

Due to her training as a nurse, Jamie knew that a number of ailments could be responsible for her nighttime breathing problems.

Jamie underwent a battery of tests and was given a clean bill of health. One physician she talked to remarked that her health was in peak condition.

Jamie was more afraid than ever and could only wonder what was causing the symptoms she experienced at night.

Aches, Pains, And Ailments From A Previous Life

It is important to understand what a previous life is before continuing to investigate Jamie’s situation.

A previous life is one in which you walked the earth in another body. You are likely far older than you understand and may have walked the earth in a thousand different bodies.

The physical body is all that dies with death. The soul enters the spirit world where it remains until its designated time for rebirth.

Previous life memories are locked away in our subconscious. This allows us a fresh start with each incarnation. The intent is to accomplish what is required in this lifetime without interference from thoughts and feelings left over from the previous life.

But is it really that simple to forget a previous life?  

Are there situations from a previous life that can affect your hear and now? The short answer is a resounding yes and this is the answer to Jamie’s problem.

Past Sickness, Present Manifestation Of Symptoms 

There are a number of health issues from a previous life that can affect you in your present lifetime. A few of these effects are:

Unexplained Aches And Pain

Whether it is a migraine you just cannot shake or a stabbing pain to your abdomen, it is common to feel aches and pains that originated from a past life. A previous life experience like a fatal wound to a certain body part may result in phantom pains in the affected body part in a present incarnation.

Chronic Illness

Asthma is perhaps the easiest to trace common illness to a previous life event. Asthma sufferers, in most cases, were either smokers in a previous life, or lost a previous life to a disease like pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Problems With Weight

Many people who have problems controlling their weight experienced food deprivation in a previous life. They may have experienced famine or war in a prior life and overcompensate for the deprivation by overeating in their present life.


Phobias have been traced by many people to bad experiences in a previous life. People afraid of a particular animal were likely attacked or had another type of negative experience with the animal in a previous life.

A Breakdown Of Previous Life Issues

In addition to aches and illnesses, your previous lives can cause you mental, emotional, and spiritual distress. Body Symbology studies the impact a previous life can have on a body part in an individual’s current life.

  • Head – Migraines and headaches could be a result of great mental pressure in a previous life.
  • Eyes – Vision problems are linked to witnessing a traumatic previous life event.
  • Spine – Pain and bad alignment with the spine is linked to a lack of bravery in a previous life.
  • Face – Pain and disfigurement of the face is linked to problems with self-esteem in a previous life.
  • Throat and neck – Issues in the neck of throat signal communication problems in a previous life. It can also indicate death by hanging.
  • Chest – Pains in the chest and problems with breathing are indications of an inability to provide appreciation and love to others in a previous life.

These and other symptoms may not be the result of one previous life. It may have taken multiple lifetimes for these problems to develop.

The pressure on the chest experienced by Jamie was a result of a previous life death in a car accident.

Readings And Healings

A previous life reading will provide you with the information necessary to understand the influences on your present life. Once you find the root cause of the problem, a number of healing methods are available. These healing methods include:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Massages
  • Sound healing

The discomfort experienced from a previous life event is not something you must endure for the entirety of your present life. A reading or previous life regression therapy can provide you with the relief you need.