Is My Personality Really Written In The Stars?


Until I was in my late twenties, I believed that a person’s star sign had nothing to do with their personality. People I knew read horoscopes and took them seriously, and the thought of it made me cringe. How could they be so naive?

Then a friend managed to get the best of me. He pointed out that I always extolled the benefits of being open-minded. I would complain about people holding tightly to political views or opinions without thinking of the other side. So why did I refuse to learn anything about astrology? I soon found out that I had been missing out.

Astrology is often seen as the domain of charlatans. People who write horoscopes for newspapers are considered con artists. Psychics who read into your Zodiac sign are derided as ridiculous hoaxsters.

But the reality is that astrology is not based on ethereal principles that cannot be proved. On the contrary, it is founded on specific, quantifiable ideas.

If you want to try it yourself, you can find the best online astrology reading and have a consultation from the comfort of your home. This is why you should not dismiss the concept out of hand.

Personality and the Zodiac

The reason many people disregard the Zodiac is that they do not see its claims as quantifiable or scientific. However, we know that factors that are difficult to quantify affect human behavior. Think about how you feel on a gloomy day. Some people even suffer from seasonal depression, due to the amount of sun shining during a period of time.

The position of the stars affects the entire galaxy, on a gravitational level to say the least. The energies generated by the changes in the stars have an impact on humans similar to that of the four seasons. This leads to differences in behavior that are generally too subtle for most people to notice.

The question you are probably left with is how these differences can determine so many factors in someone’s personality. But it should not be surprising at all. Your personality is heavily impacted by the environment you are born into.

Consider people born around Christmas. Their first experience is of celebration and family togetherness. Someone born in the middle of a hot summer will have the first experience of languid energy and openness.

Similarly, the way the stars are influencing people’s feelings and behaviors at that point in time rubs off on the baby. The Zodiac, therefore, does not make a person have certain traits. Rather, it impacts everyone else and the general mood, and that has a decisive impact on each individual’s personality.

In a box

One of the reasons that people do not want to consider the Zodiac and other systems that put types on personalities is that they do not want to be put in a box. This is understandable, as it feels like your will is being taken from you. At the same time, this is an unfortunate way of living life. It means you are going to spend years trying to be someone you are not.

I liken it to the experience singers have. A singer will tell you that they are a soprano, tenor, etc. On the one hand, you could see this as them telling you that their range is limited. However, what they are trying to tell you is how they are best able to express themselves. If they try to go outside their range, they will sound terrible, but within their range, they can sound incredible and unique.

The idea that you can do and be anything you want is flawed. While it is great to think of yourself as having endless potential, that potential needs to be channeled. Some people will never become professional athletes no matter how hard they work, and others will never become mathematicians. This should not be seen as a bad thing. It is simply part of what makes a person who they are.

The same thing is true of Zodiac signs. Being a certain personality type does not limit your potential. It does the opposite. It allows you to channel your potential in a way that suits you and amplifies your abilities. It saves you from struggling to be something that you are not.

What about love?

The same thing is true when it comes to love. The Zodiac does not tell you who to love, but it does tell you where to look. When you fall in love with someone, you do not need to check if the Zodiac approves. However, if you are considering a pool of candidates, the Zodiac can help you narrow it down to those who are most likely to be a perfect fit.

The Zodiac is more than just smoke and mirrors. There are quantifiable factors that go into any astrological readings. The system will help you see who you really are, allowing you to commit your energies to fulfill your true potential.