Is Calzedonia the New Victoria Secret? Coupon Code Here


Over the years, one retailer brand has been making statements in the fashion world of swimwear, beachwear, and leggings. It happens to be Victoria’s Secret. If you are a fan of Victoria Secret, then you should be aware of a new challenger.

According to a finding by Bloomberg Business, Calzedonia, an Italian retailer, is strongly asserting itself as the new Victoria’s Secret. Outside Italy, they enjoy more than 4,000 stores with a majority being in Europe. Their main brands are Calzedonia lingerie and Intimissimi beachwear. In addition to the two, there are other brands under the Calzedonia name.

At the moment, Calzedonia is not as dominant as Victoria’s Secret in the US and Canada. However, they are putting efforts to ensure that they are popular in these two countries as they are in Italy.

In the recent past, they have been able to establish themselves in Hong Kong and Japan and they are looking to claim spots in the rest of Asia. “We are targeting to provide women an alternative when it comes to swimwear and beachwear,” said Calzedonia’s founder Sandro Veronesi when speaking to Bloomberg.

Impressive Revenues

In 2014, Calzedonia generated approximately $2.5 billion in clothing sales. In the same year, Victoria’s Secret generated $11.4 billion. This is according to a report by Business of Fashion. 50% of the generated revenue was from Italy and the rest from other parts of the world.

Though Calzedonia didn’t make as much as Victoria’s Secret, the sales are really impressive. The year after, the revenues increased by 9.3% and have been improving ever since. One of the reasons to explain the impressive revenues is annual fashion shows. Every November, Calzedonia stages a fashion weekend whose purpose is to show their amazing new arrivals to the world.

The Role of Influencers

Another reason to back the impressive sales is the input of influencers. Calzedonia has been splashing money on social media influencers as a strategy to improve the customer population. To them, an improved customer population means more conversions and more sales. Just recently, they invited more than 180 influencers at their Verona headquarters. The representatives were from 40 countries and they were there to witness the latest bikini collections.

From the United States, the contingent featured Olivia Culpo (Former Miss Universe), Charlotte Groeneveld (a renowned fashion blogger), and Louise Roe (a fashion icon). Collectively, the trio enjoys more than 3.6 million subscribers. By partnering with the influencers, Calzedonia is guaranteed a sizeable increase in new customers.

In the eyes of many, Calzedonia has changed the way fashion was traditionally advertised. They are moving from the once-revered television promos and print media. They understand that the quickest way to reach customers in this digital age is through their phone. That’s why they are using social influencers to do it.

Product Variety is Key

Since its founding in 1986, Calzedonia has built a reputation of offering a vast selection of swimwear, beachwear, and leggings at reasonable prices. Furthermore, customers can get promo codes for Calzedonia for most new arrivals on their site and on stores like Amazon and eBay. From the start to the end of the year, Calzedonia has the customers covered. Their bikinis, leggings, and tights are endless in terms of fashion. It doesn’t matter the size, color, and trend that the customer has because Calzedonia has everything that one needs at affordable prices.


At the moment, you can argue that Victoria’s Secret is miles ahead in terms of customer population and revenues generated. However, only time can tell if they’ll enjoy this dominance for long. Judging by how heavily Calzedonia is investing in marketing, it may not take time before the Italian retailer becomes the new Victoria’s Secret.