20 Motivational Quotes to Ignite & Inspire


Even those of us with the most positive attitudes need a few words of wisdom now and then to reignite our passions and inspire us to do what we were put on this Earth to achieve. While some of us may have more obstacles in our way, we all have the opportunity to achieve our goals and do big things with our lives.

So take a moment to kick back, relax, and take in some much-needed inspiration by reading through these amazingly motivational quotations.

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Wisdom is truly found in the mouths of babes; this advice is relevant for both those who communicate with crayons and fountain pens!

Motivational Quotes

Especially in our modern society, we all too often forget that we aren’t simply owed success for existing. Rather, we must work for it.


True growth and development doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important to take note of every small step on the way to success.

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It takes facing your fears head-on to live up to your true purpose in life.

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Even in dire circumstances, there is always something positive to which we can cling, as long as we never fail to look for it!

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Quite simply, we can always find some sort of reason to put off fulfilling our destinies, so it’s vital to stop looking for excuses and embark upon the journey to self-realization and success.

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If you find yourself failing to motivate yourself, allow the wellbeing of those you love to inspire you to do great things.

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Sure, there’s always a small chance that you might fall flat on your face when trying something new, but there’s an even bigger chance that you’ll achieve even more than you have set out to do.

Too many of us spend our lives regretting our pasts and fearing our futures, when in reality, life is all about seizing the moment and making the best of it.

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Even when it seems like things can only get worse, it’s important to remember that your time to shine will come. Be patient and be ready to fully seize that epic moment when it finally arrives!

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Sometimes we become so comfortable in our lives as they are that we fail to realize that things could be even better and brighter if we would just be willing to move on and take chances.

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It’s pretty much a no-brainer that there isn’t a single perfect person on the planet, but sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves that we forget that basic fact. Perfection may be unattainable, but progress is always achievable.

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So what if you don’t know anything about the profession of your dreams or a subject you wish to pursue? Everyone has to start somewhere before achieving any goal.

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While it can be difficult to battle toxic people in your life, it’s always important to remember that no one can change you or take something away from you, unless you give them permission to do so!

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Pressures and expectations can often feel as though they are strong enough to break a person. However, they can actually leave you even more beautiful and stunning than you were before they bared down on you.


Instead of moping around when people criticize you or dismiss you as being a “nobody,” prove the haters wrong by believing in yourself and overcoming adversity.

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When you look back upon your biggest achievements in life, you should be able to shake your head with a smile and wonder how you ever achieved such an incredible goal. If you refuse to try and push through the hard times, you’ll never be able to have such an awesome moment of reflection.

Moving On

Whether you’re 18 or 80, it’s never too late to start over and walk away from a destructive path.

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You can still create a gorgeous piece of art from even the smallest fragment of a color crayon. Likewise, even when you are in your most downtrodden and wearied state, you can do beautiful things.

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At the end of your life, you’re unlikely to feel ashamed of the mistakes you have made if they involved taking a chance and trying to better yourself or the world around you. After all, nothing great can happen if you don’t take a plunge!