61 Infinity Tattoos for the Eternal Visionaries & Artists


We’re aware of the significance of the infinity sign – that of never-ending balance and the delights of opposites. But for every individual, it can take on its own meaning and play its own significance in the wearer’s life. If you’re considering this universal symbol as a possible tattoo, take a look at these striking infinity tattoos artists inked up to get an idea at how creative or how simple the infinity tattoo design can become.

60 Infinity Tattoos for the Eternal Visionaries & Artists


1. Memorable Phrases & Balance of Opposites.

2. Birthday Permanence.
2210316-infinity-tattoosRemembering that special day was never so easy. If you forget, you can just take a look at your tattoo.

3. Tribal Experience.
3210316-infinity-tattoosUnique and easy to comprehend. If you’re an outdoors lover or are transfixed on tribal or Native American décor and art, it can be fun to create your own infinity sign out of different symbols. A feather, for freedom, paw prints, for following the right path, and tribal designs for everything in between.

4. Nautical Life Navigation.
4210316-infinity-tattoosThis is a creative design, incorporating an anchor into the actual infinity symbol. “Never Sink” might have been an inspiring quote told to the wearer by a loved one.

5. His & Hers
5210316-infinity-tattoosInfinity tattoos are a great choice for couples that want to get a matching tattoo but don’t want it to be too horribly personal, such as a name or pictures. Infinity symbols can be placed on the same spot on the body by both people in the couple – and yet they don’t have to match exactly.

6. Pepperoni Pizza Forever!
6210316-infinity-tattoosThis person really loved pizza. They must have a sense of humor.

7. Geometric Fade
7210316-infinity-tattoosThis infinity symbol has a plane that twists and winds perfectly, showing the viewer its dimensions. The different colors are also a lovely added touch – for some reason, this tat reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. |

8. Sexy Tatted Nape
8210316-infinity-tattoosThe nape of the neck is often mentioned in romantic novels and the like, a sensual place that begs to be touched. Adding a tat to this part of the body only brings more attention to it – and the line of Roman numerals down the spine draws your attention up to the infinity sign. A perfect combo – like the numbers of counting time finally end (or never end) at infinity.

9. Family is Forever
9210316-infinity-tattoosThis tat is a perfect example of how you can commemorate a piece of your skin to your family. Infinity tattoos are often used to symbolize love for those we want to keep in our hearts forever.

10. Ribbon Memorial
10210316-infinity-tattoosThis infinity symbol looks strikingly like a ribbon, and the word strength adds to the assumption that this tat is meant to remember someone for a ribbon-like cause (such as the pink ribbon for cancer).

11. Infinity in a Knot
11210316-infinity-tattoosInfinity tattoos can sometimes be hard to spot or interpret. This looks like a combination of two infinity signs and a Celtic knot.

12. Anchoring Forever
12210316-infinity-tattoosAnother cute nautical infinity sign delicately placed on the heel of a foot.

13. You’ll Be With Me Wherever I Go
13210316-infinity-tattoosIn remembrance of a loved one. Tats stick with you forever, and dedicating a tattoo to a loved one, especially one that’s passed, is a good way to not only keep their memory on your skin but in your heart.

14. Double Infinity
14210316-infinity-tattoosThese two infinity signs are linked together, a great way to symbolize two people’s paths that will forever cross.

15. Mini Mouse Memorial
15210316-infinity-tattoosWho says you can’t love kids toons in adulthood?

16. Matching Inner Markings
16210316-infinity-tattoosThese infinity tattoos are easy and fast to tat, and choosing to get one with a lover or friend can be fun.

17. Swirling Nether
17210316-infinity-tattoosLike a swirling array or either nether or galaxies themselves, infinity tattoos look remarkable when adding delicate, curling lines.

18. Freedom’s Strength
18210316-infinity-tattoosStaying strong is a constant. It’s something we have to do everyday to get by the rough patches in our lives. It isn’t surprising a majority of infinity tattoos dictate this. But you can always add your own little design to the words and symbols, like this wearer did with a feather.

19. Horizontal Double Infinity
19210316-infinity-tattoosInstead of having two infinity tattoos one above, the other below, this person had them placed side by side and created a lovely diamond in the center.

20. Simply Eternal
20210316-infinity-tattoosOn the heel. Cute and confident.

21. Like a Bird
21210316-infinity-tattoosEvery bird has to be brave enough to jump out of the nest to learn how to fly. Infinity tattoos like this one are a lovely statement, relating to this concept. And if you’re brave enough, you’ll be granted your gift of flight…

22. Country Cowgirl Forever
22210316-infinity-tattoosOur roots are a vital part of our personality. If you’re born country, you’ll more than likely stay country!

23. Biblical Verse
23210316-infinity-tattoosReligion holds a deep and special place in most hearts still to this day. The quote taken from Hebrews 11:1 states “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Brilliant, and perfect when paired with an infinity tattoo.

24. Words of Relevance
24210316-infinity-tattoosYou can have any words you wish wrapped up in your infinity tattoos.

25. Love for Daddy
25210316-infinity-tattoosJohn 16:22 = “So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.”
26. Wedding Ring Replacement
26210316-infinity-tattoosThis little tat is often a lot cheaper than a diamond.

27. Love Your Pet
27210316-infinity-tattoosA pet is a part of your family, after all. And paw prints are adorable.

28. Love Life
28210316-infinity-tattoosAnother common saying paired with the infinity symbol. And for good reason: who doesn’t love life? Those that fail at goals and stop trying?

29. Moon Shine
29210316-infinity-tattoosInfinity tattoos incorporating anything celestial are a great idea to consider if you practice a religion that regards such things as divine.

30. Hearing Infinity
30210316-infinity-tattoosLocation is sometimes everything, and behind the ear near where you hear and next to the brain is a significant spot to put a tat.

31. Wrapped in a Cross
31210316-infinity-tattoosInfinity tattoos can often create something or a symbol bigger than itself – like the cross seen here.

32. Eternal Love
32210316-infinity-tattoosLove should be infinite for those we dedicate our lives to.

33. Waves of Madness
33210316-infinity-tattoosThis tat is bigger than you can see, looking like waves and space intermingling.

34. Talk About Conspiracies
34210316-infinity-tattoosThis infinity tattoo is wrapped up loads of symbolism. The eyes wander everywhere searching for meaning, right?

35. Never Turn on Family
35210316-infinity-tattoosYes, another family tat with infinity as the main drop.

36. Oh Yes They Did…
36210316-infinity-tattoosIt’s not recommended to get a tat of someone you’re “fallen in love” with because there may be a chance of separating from them… But this person didn’t follow the rules!

37. Li’l Sister, Big Sister
37210316-infinity-tattoosA lovely way to show your love for your sibling.

38. Music Choice
38210316-infinity-tattoosFor some of us, music helps us cope.

39. Instead of Wedding Rings…
39210316-infinity-tattoosWho needs diamonds when you’ve got tats?

40. Trinity Infinity
40210316-infinity-tattoosThe triad of names is accompanied with two birds… should have been three.

41. Stitching the Eternal
41210316-infinity-tattoosYes, this is a tat of a stitching of infinity. Kinda cool.

42. Cancer Ribbon
42210316-infinity-tattoosThis infinity symbol looks like a ribbon supporting cancer research, a lovely permanent contribution.

43. Kite’s Freedom
43210316-infinity-tattoosThe tail of this kite turns into an infinity symbol. What do you think the wearer was trying to symbolize?

44. Completing the Quote
44210316-infinity-tattoosThese two different people decided to get tats that complete one another. To infinity, and beyond!

45. Bulging Sides
45210316-infinity-tattoosThis tat was completed by combining two infinity symbols, both having one side that bulges out more than the other to get the pretty combo effect.

46. Anchor Baby
46210316-infinity-tattoosThis anchor is combined with rope and roses, swirling elegantly with one another. Proclamation of “I Refuse to Sink” well regarded.

47. A Heart’s Infinity
47210316-infinity-tattoosHebrews 6:19 says, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.”

48. Siyanah Love
48210316-infinity-tattoosA beautiful contribution to a beautifully named person.

49. White Infinity Tattoos
49210316-infinity-tattoosLook like they’ve been branded – pretty awesome and romantic.

50. Other Realms
50210316-infinity-tattoosInfinity tattoos many times are linked to religion in someway – to beliefs about the other realms.

51. Tomorrow Will Be Better
51210316-infinity-tattoosIts little phrases and quotes like this that can really inspire something within someone.

52. Sustain Yourself
52210316-infinity-tattoosConstantly eating itself. Forever sustaining itself.

53. Having Faith
53210316-infinity-tattoosHaving Faith can be hard, but it’s doable. Think of all your accomplishments already.

54. A Simple Reminder.
54210316-infinity-tattoosAll it takes is a glimpse at your finger to dictate where your day is going.

55. What Goes Around Comes Back Around
55210316-infinity-tattoosIt all suddenly makes more sense…

56. What’s Their Meaning?
56210316-infinity-tattoosWhy are both sides made the way they are? Two swirls and three dots? Think of it in 3d…

57. Infinity Encircling Love
57210316-infinity-tattoosLooks like a few crumbs on the ground, as if she’s reaching for cookies on the counter.

58. Texture & Shading Magic
58210316-infinity-tattoosInfinity looks almost desolate, with hints of life sprouting out of it.

59. Triad
59210316-infinity-tattoosHave you ever seen three people instead of two share the same tattoo? I assume the letters are the initials of the first names. Lovely touch.

60. Love Freely
60210316-infinity-tattoosAnother wonderful example of the freedom of birds and reaching goals combined with love.

61. I love you to the Moon and Back
61210316-infinity-tattoosThis fabulous ink takes a classic old love quote and combines it with the appropriate attire of the stars and moon.

62. Always Be There
62210316-infinity-tattoosWhen two people are deeply connected…

63. Knowing Your Ride or Dies
63210316-infinity-tattoosI bet these four people would do anything for each other, even get the same tat on their foot.