In-flight Skincare and Makeup Routines to Try


You have probably walked off a plane feeling like your skin and lips are dry and begging for moisture. We all know how traveling can be extremely dehydrating, so for those trips where you want to walk off the plane looking ready to go, utilize the flight time to prep your skin for dewy moments ahead. Whether you are off to discover the best beaches in the world or you’re en route to visit family with a suitcase full of gifts, there are in-flight routines you can adapt to ensure you land fresh and glowy.

No flight routine would be complete without a couple tried and true travel companions —

hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. There are endless reports about the germs that planes yield, so before you touch your skin for anything, be sure to wipe down the surfaces of your tray table and sanitize your hands.

Most people include foundation and cover-up in their everyday makeup routines, and while you may not want to run through the airport with a fresh face, allowing your skin to breathe while in the air will help with skin dullness and clogged pores. Instead of relying on tiny airport bathrooms to cleanse your face, enlist trusty yet gentle makeup wipes instead.

For longer flights, pop on a sheet mask after you get your skin (and hands) cleaned and prepped. Sheet masks are easy to put on and don’t require a messy application or clean up. A face mask utilizing moisturizing and brightening ingredients like watermelon extract, aloe vera, or pearl powder will ensure the drying plane air doesn’t take its toll on your skin.

After you have relaxed with a sheet mask on — and warded off confused looks from your seatmates — reach for a soothing serum to trap in the moisture of the sheet mask. A serum boasting plenty of vitamin C will sink into the skin, brighten, and act as an easy layer underneath your moisturizer.

To top it off, add your favorite moisturizer. If you’re really looking to quench parched skin, reach for a thick moisturizing mask and apply it as a regular moisturizer for the ultimate hydration. If using a face mask in lieu of regular cream, let the mask fully soak into your skin and don’t remove or wipe off the excess.

A face mist is the perfect last step and serves as an on-the-go refresher for longer flights. Use it right before you disembark the plane for skin that looks glowy and fresh. After following these steps, spritz with a hydrating and cooling mist that utilizes calming properties like rose water. If you’re on a long-haul flight, after this ultra-hydrating and relaxing skincare routine, now is the perfect time to don a silk eye mask and enjoy a good rest.

After you have caught some sleep, now it’s time to enlist some beauty favorites to walk off the plane looking awake and fresh. To keep a makeup routine defined, yet simple, grab makeup that can act as two-in-one products. Tinted moisturizers will give you light coverage without drying out your skin and a tinted lip balm gives your lips a boost, while the sheer coverage will make you look a little more put together.

So take your bright and glowy complexion, grab your favorite beach accessories, and enjoy your vacation!