Improve Your Artistic Sense by Creating Collages


Artistic sense is an ability to be appreciative of creativity in artworks. It may also mean being able to explore and go beyond conventional boundaries. You have a strong artistic sense if you can see things differently; identifying what is special even in something that looks ordinary. Artistic sense can be innate, but it can also be developed through practice and training. It is important to boost the creative skill developed through the years and influenced by the surroundings.

Why is artistic sense important? 

Artistic sense is a perception or view of something in a creative light. It is what the mind sees beyond what the eyes can. It is when you start thinking deeper about something. It can be seeing something right from what seems to be wrong using a creative approach. In school, children learn art, helping them discover and reach their potential in creative thinking.

Developing artistic sense and enhancing creativity can help you solve problems better because you find new ways to tackle any obstacle. It can help you connect with others doing the same through an instant community. It can help a person become more aware of himself, understanding what he wants. In arts, there is freedom because there is no right or wrong. It is a form of expression that brings joy and satisfaction.

What is collage? 

Collage can be a technique or form of visual art that assembles different forms to create a new work. It comes from the French word coller, which means to glue. In school, teachers teach collaging by asking students to glue pieces of magazine clippings, photos and other portions of artwork to create a masterpiece. Artists use this technique by cutting and pasting objects to a surface, as a modern approach to art.

Using collage to your advantage 

The art of making a collage requires no special skill. It can be a good starting point to practise your knowledge of art fundamentals. What you know about colour, shapes, balance, rhythm, texture and many others, you can apply in your collage using materials that can be found in your home. For children, collage is introduced to nurture different skills, including motor skills. They collect and use different materials and experiment with different colours, patterns and textures.

In a design process, collage can be used to determine the colour palette and context of product concepts. Visualising ideas is inherent in design and collaging helps in developing, structuring and presenting various issues. The main purpose is to bring visual elements together, a process that can stimulate both creative and analytical thinking.


Artistic sense is something very special. It can lead you to realise and enhance your artistic skillfully. Artists say that in improving one’s art, the key is consistency. Spending time practising what you love to do and being observant of art pieces are important if you want to improve your skills. Collage is a good starting point because it can help you form pieces into a whole new masterpiece, experimenting with shapes, colour harmony, etc. You can even start by working on modern forms of collage, or digital collaging by using an online collage maker for your pictures, where you simply grab your photos and assemble them using various layouts.