How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills Fast


Have you ever dreamt of having some kind of supernatural skills to be able to finish your writing assignments as soon as you get them? Unfortunately, it is not possible. Though, it doesn’t mean you can’t finish your writing assignments long before the deadline. How? Let’s find out.

The secret is simple. All you need to do is to follow a few writing hacks we’re going to share later and to download a couple of useful applications on your smartphone. Let’s figure everything out step-by-step. In case, you understand that there are no chances for you to be able to s your assignment before the deadline, it is better to apply for the real experts to get some additional help. There are hundreds of professional writing companies in Australia, which you can apply to with your writing my essay on time request to get some advice from the experts.

How to Write Your Essays Fast

Writing your essays fast is a very important tool to master as you’re going to write very different types of papers throughout your whole education period at university and college. No matter what subject you’re learning and what degree you have, you’ll definitely face writing assignments during the whole education period. That’s why finding a technique that really works for you and helps to accomplish your assignments faster is very important to get a great result.

What we recommend is a healthy mix of both practical writing approaches and the technologies you have around – your smartphone and your laptop.

Let’s begin with the approaches you can use for any essay writing assignment.

  • Make sure you have a certain structure to follow. It will be easier to organize your chaotic ideas into one logical piece of writing;
  • You can’t produce a qualitative content without a good research. It is not obligatory to do a groundbreaking research. Just make sure you’ve found the facts and opinions, which can be used to base your whole essay on;
  • Never write down that information, which doesn’t fully relate to your essay. Include something only if it adds to your argument. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time just for nothing;
  • Quickly outline the major points that you want to make;
  • Always write introduction and conclusion parts last. Why? Only after writing a body part you’ll know with confidence what exactly it is what you’re going to introduce in your essay. As in the introductory part, you need to forecast the major points you’re going to talk about later in your work. Thus, they should fully correspond to what you’re writing in the body part. And this is a lot easier to do when you’ve already written them;
  • When editing your essay, analyze each sentence individually. It will help you to see whether you’ve written the same point twice or not. Consider including several points in one sentence to make your work more concise. Make sure that each paragraph in your essay has a clear function that supports the thesis of your work.


Useful Applications for Your Essays

And now let’s find out how your smartphone can be an effective tool for writing your papers more efficiently and faster.

  • Byword is one of the simplest writing apps every student can use on a daily basis to check spelling and grammar;
  • Twinword Writer. Forget about having the problem of finding the right word to describe something. The plugin suggests alternate words for your writing just in seconds no matter whether you’re in the middle or in the very beginning of your essay;
  • 750 Words. It is a wonderful web application, which helps you to build a consistent habit of writing every day. It also provides you with current statistics and graphics to show your writing progress;
  • Mendeley is a great tool if you need to do a lot of research work;
  • It is an effective tool for editing your writings without missing any possible mistake.


Now, you know how to write effective essays, even within the tight deadlines. Remember, that writing your paper quickly doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Don’t forget to use our recommendations and mobile applications to write like a pro.