I’m 50 – is that too old for teeth whitening?


When you reach the halfwaypoint of fifty years old, you may be approaching a time in your life where you no longer care about aesthetics and want to focus on the more important things, such as your friends, family or planning your retirement. However, you should never feel ashamed about looking into treatment to improve your appearance. No matter your age you should always want to look your best, so why not start it off with teeth whitening treatment?

A Confidence Booster 

With the older generation being known as the “Silver Surfers” due to their metal fillings, there is no way that this title can sit without there being some negative implications. With over 47% of the population having moderate to severe gum disease, lacklustreteeth can cause a severe lack of confidence. Depression is certainly prevalent in the older age ranges with over 20% suffering from a mental problem, and around 7 % suffering from depression specifically. The confidence in your appearance can become a true problem if you struggle to accept how you look, therefore don’t be scared to invest in help that can make you feel ten feet tall. If your smile is the first thing on your list that you want to improve, then begin with a quick trip to the dentist to be advised on how you can proceed.

It is past the time where the older generation need to actually look old. Many elders live very active social lives, filled with travel and adventure. Age is certainly no reason to let your smile go.

Keeping yourself Healthy 

Professional Teeth Whitening can not only be useful for cosmetic reasons, but also for maintaining your dental health. As you grow older, your teeth can become more vulnerable with enamel erosion and easily stained through strong drinks and foods, such as wine, fruit juices and berries. Dr Uchenna Okoye, from Londonsmiling.com, has even said “as we get older, teeth get more yellow, so it’s an immediate giveaway of age, no matter how good the rest of your face looks.” With enamel erosion causing the yellowing of the teeth, as well as making them more brittle and liable to break, Teeth Whitening can hide these signs of aging and make your teeth look like they were back when you were 30 years old.

Easy to Obtain 

Before you undertake any dental treatment, it is always advised to speak to your dentist about their opinion. Bleaching products can be very easy to obtain and can be a cost-effective way to perfect your smile. Whether it be whitening toothpastes, coal-based toothpastes or peroxide based gels, these products may not work quickly and will need to be applied monthly, they are cheap to buy and will ensure that you maintain your smile. However, be careful that you do not have any cavities before you start your treatment, as the whitening process can make your teeth more sensitive, and in your old age you are certainly more vulnerable to tooth pain.