iGaming Website Design: Everything You Need To Know


The art of combining effectiveness with the graphical visual appeal is the essence of a unique website design.

Having a luring website design and layout is a key aspect of every company, but it is more important in online-based businesses such virtual casinos. Online gambling has spread worldwide, thanks to the popularity of smartphones and social media games. Software developers have reduced the amount of graphics used in designing online casino games to boost the loading speed.

Since the online gambling industry is highly competitive, this technique will allow more users to play different games simultaneously without delays. As well, most online casino prioritizes simple layout with straightforward controls, menus for easy navigation over the ones with compacted graphics.

Additionally, casino web designers have introduced a responsive design to enable them to load easily on tablets and smartphones browsers while maintaining the same quality. This is not a new technique in web designing. It involves the use of CSS3 media queries to deliver specified client experiences based on whether certain conditions are met or not. Mobile gambling is the future of online casinos, this is why most operators are targeting this market.

Nevertheless, emphasizing on effective functionality cannot come at the expense of an attractive web design, and the imagery of online casino games listed at these platforms is made to suggest the enchantment and fun of video slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette among other online games. Remember, a bad website design will reduce customer satisfaction, hence, reducing traffic on your site.

Tips for an Exclusive Online Casino Website Design

As aforementioned, it is important to have a website with a simple look and feel like in land-based casinos. But it is equally important to keep in mind the fact that ‘less is more’. We are living in an era of minimalist web designing, and stuffing your site with graphics will never generate the expected traffic. In order to come up with a simple and appealing website, you need to understand basic tips of a unique site.

Apply the minimalist strategy

It is true that the mind is programmed to pick out keywords and other important aspects only. Using the minimalist strategy in designing your casino site will input less stress on moving objects. However, this strategy does not imply that your site should look boring and dull. You can learn how to apply this strategy by checking out sites which have used it.

Include a call to action option

The Call to Action, also known as CTAs has an important role to play on your website. It does not only cement the mutual understanding of clients, it generates more engagement. A good online casino website should have an outstanding CTA in terms of color and even design. Moreover, the site should only have one clickable call to action button to avoid confusion to users.

Add a search box

Online casinos offer multiple products ranging from different game variations to bonuses and promotions. Including a search box will boost credibility and satisfaction level of your clients.

Simplicity and Straightforwardness

Remember, your goal is to ensure that users are able to acquaint themselves with the basic information they need within the shortest time possible. Online casinos have different gameplay options based on the variety of games offered.

Stick to your definite look and feel

There is no doubt that at one point you might want to make some few changes to your web design. However, giving your casino site a whole new look abruptly will raise your frequent customers’ eyebrows. Always maintain your natural look and feel as this will make your clients feel at home at all time.

Graphics in mobile casinos

It is without a doubt that smartphones are revolutionizing the gambling industry at a higher rate than the developers anticipated. This has prompted software developers to redefine their technology to offer a seamless player experience. Online casino sites are optimized using HTML5 to offer players incredible high-quality graphics and a faster gameplay. Moreover, players have an option of downloading the casino app on their devices or access games instantly through browsers. Most supported mobile devices run on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

Best online casino website designs

We are living in the intergalactic realms of cyberspace where most websites are dedicated to online casino gambling. These online casinos come in multiple designs to attract players to sign up and play different games. Whether you are the type who like using thrilling sites with flashy graphics and sound effects or a simple site, you will find them. Other than design, there are other crucial aspects to check out on a casino website such as:

Variety of games offered

A good site must be able to support different game variations such as roulette, baccarat, video poker and slots.

The efficiency and availability of customer support team

Online casino sites with standby support team have a higher traffic compared to the ones with ‘absent’ support team. Remember to use a casino where you can contact the support agents via live chat email or direct phone call for immediate response.

The number of bonus offers and promotions

There are different types of bonuses and promotion programs offered to the player by the online casino. Choose the ones that suite your bankroll and always the terms and conditions of using any of them.

Multiple banking options and currencies

Different online casino sites offer different payment options. The most important thing is to choose those which are safe and with fast cashouts.

The security and licensing of the site

Online casino sites require licenses to operate in a particular jurisdiction. Use a casino with a recognizable licensing agency like Alderney, Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. Equally important is the safety measure used. We suggest that you use a site which is secured using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption technology to prevent your personal information like credit card details from leaking to hackers.

Having said that, let us look at the top best online casino website designs for beginners and experienced gamblers.

  • 888 Casino
  • Casino.com
  • 777 Casino
  • Bet365 Casino
  • Leo Vegas Casino


It is the dream of every online gambler to use a casino site with an easy to navigate website. This is because a simple site will save the time used to search different products as well as registering for new players. Using graphics is not forbidden but it is prudent to stick to the minimalist strategy above all else.