How Wallpics Photo Tiles Helps in Celebrating Your Best Moments


Celebrating the birth of your first child is something so special that you cannot forget. Perhaps that is why you can find innumerable snaps taken during the first year of your child. Every day of every month you find something different in your baby and you feel like capturing all these moments. However, very few of you know how to make those pictures come out of the album and put it on the walls of your home in such a way that it pumps your heart with delight every time when you take a look at it. Wallpics understand this and that is why it gives you an opportunity to celebrate each and every moment of your first childbirth.

Drive through this write-up and learn more about Wallpics and how it helps you.

What do you need to know about Wallpics?

Before you plan to opt for Wallpics as a well decorative in your home, you are advised to know more about Photo Tiles On Google Play and how it can help you. These are customized snaps that are stylized in a tile form and are placed on the wall in a set of photos on the walls. You may place it even separately but when you put all the photos together on the walls then it makes your home more fashionable and trendy. The size of the tile is 8”x8” square photo board stick and you can stick it on the wall instead of hanging it with the help of a nail or a screw.

There are many features of Wallpics that make it special for you and help you in making your home look attractive. These are:

You can celebrate your special moments

Wallpics give you an opportunity to enjoy each and every special moment that you would like to relive, such as your childhood moments or your first child’s birth. In case of your first child, you can place the photos of his or her that you think will remind you every day how much blessed you are. The pictures of your child are not just a photograph on the wall to attract others, but it is there to make you feel about your kid. It brings nostalgic reminiscences back, which no other décor can do in such an appropriate manner.

You can make your home look stunning

Making your home look beautiful doesn’t mean bombarding your home with decors. You need to put some selected decorative items on your walls to make it look amazing and elegant. One such thing is Wallpics as it allows you to embellish your home with your own photos with which your memorable moments are attached. This way your home will not only look eye-catching but also unique because your photos have something different to tell and your friends will have some other story to unveil with the Photo Tiles on Apple itunes. This way even if two people select Wallpics, yet their home will look distinct and special as their snaps will be personal and different.

You can stick it easily on the walls

Another thing that creates a problem for you when you purchase a wall décor is how to place it on the walls. You do not want to damage your walls and end up spending money on the renovation of the walls of your bedroom or living room. That is why you expect to be choosing a wall décor that doesn’t damage your walls. Wallpics is one such wall decorative which is made of special sticky self-adhesive that can help you in sticking the pictures on the walls easily. It also ensures that your walls remain damage free and you do not have to drill a hole in the walls of your room and leave the mark of a nail or a screw on the walls.

You can move it from one wall to the other

Wall decors need to be such that can be moved from one room to the other. Interestingly, Wallpics is such a decorative item that can be placed from one wall to the other without creating any problem with your walls and leaving no mark on the walls. This way you get a chance to make your home look different with the same wall décor.

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You can afford it

The most important thing is the cost of any home décor, as you cannot spend a fortune in just decorating your house and making it looks enticing. You need to choose the one which is budget-friendly. Strikingly, Wallpics is a wall décor which is not very expensive and you can afford it comfortably. Furthermore, it is cost-effective as it can be reused repeatedly, thereby giving you every chance to get the most from it. These customized wall snaps will cost you $35 for a set of three photos and for each additional snap you will have to pay $9. Also, the shipping cost is free for the US and even for the other countries, it is not very high.

You can get it customized

As aforementioned that Wallpics are photos which are customized, so you can understand that this is a wall décor which can make your walls look beautiful not only because it recreates your memorable moments but also because it is bespoke. This means when you want to opt for Wallpics you just need to order it on Wallpics App and you will receive tailor-made photos that will suit your room and its wall paint. The mobile app of Wallpics is available in the Apple store. You just need to download it and upload the selected pictures on the app. This app is also available for Android phone users too in addition to iOS phone users.


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Make each and every moment of your first child memorable with Wallpics. It gives you a chance to relive those special moments and rejoice the time when you held your baby for the first time in your hand. Wallpics is unique and one of the best ways to decorate the walls of your home as it celebrates your special moments in life more than any other decorative.