How to Take Care of Your Medical Scrubs?


While it’s true that nothing lasts forever, most things you use in your daily life can last longer with proper care.  Medical scrubs are not an exception.  You might think what a great deal is in taking care of Cherokee scrubs for men? All you need to do is just wash them using a good detergent, hang them for drying, and you are good to go.

To keep your medical scrubs looking bright and fresh as long as possible, we recommend you to follow the cleaning tips given below.

First Wash

This is mainly applicable to new medical scrubs. Color fading is a common problem with new clothes, including medical scrubs.  To keep the colors of the scrubs intact, pre-treat them with a solution of vinegar.

Mix half a cup of vinegar in a bucket of cold water and wash the scrubs separately. The vinegar will set the color and keep the scrubs looking fresh. Pre-treatment in vinegar is an essential step in scrubs care as the disinfection process can be hard on medical uniforms, and the strong chemical can strip off the color if they are not pretreated to protect their colors.

Pre-treat Stains

After completing your duty hours and before jumping in your bed after a refreshing bath, don’t forget to pre-treat stains on scrubs. Most solid particles on Cherokee scrubs for men can be rinsed off in cold water.

Never use hot water to remove stains from medical uniforms as it will only make the stain harder and challenging to remove. Here are some special cleaning instructions to remove stains

  • Blood Stains – use cold water to remove blood stains. For tougher blood stains, apply hydrogen peroxide directly on the bloodstains.
  • Urine stains – mix a small amount of ammonia in cold water and soak the stain in ammonia solution for a few hours. This will not only remove the urine stain but also get rid of the odor.
  • Medication Oil-based – sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain to absorb oil and then wash. You can also apply some dish soap on the stain before washing it usually.
  • Medication Ointment – scrapes off the ointment from the Cherokee scrubs. Next, sprinkle some corn starch and rub it well on the stain. Wash the scrub in cold water.


After pre-treating stains, the next step is washing the medical scrubs the right way. Never wash medical scrubs for men with regular clothing. Always wash your medical scrubs separately irrespective of whether they are stained or not. This will ensure bacteria and other germs do not spread.

Always change out of your scrubs after your work hours and keep them in a designated disposable bag until you wash them. Make sure you wash scrubs after every shift.  Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing Cherokee scrubs for men.


It doesn’t matter whether the scrubs have or do not have wrinkles after washing. Iron the medical scrubs nicely before wearing them. This will ensure the hot iron kills any germs that might have survived pre-treatment or washing. Ironing not only kills bacteria, but it also keeps your scrubs neat and tidy.

By following these tips, while cleaning the scrubs will keep the medical apparel looking better and lasting longer.