How to Store a Weed Eater


Today, lawn care and gardening are so much easier with one of the advanced 4-cycle trimming machines. Known as string trimmer or weed eater, it makes cutting grass quick and convenient. It is light and very efficient, which you probably know if you have one. But what about maintenance?

The guidelines vary between models with different power sources. The machine may run on electricity, batteries, or gas, which determines the storage considerations. Naturally, the space required for a modern 4 stroke weed eater is still modest in comparison to what a riding lawn mower would take up. However, it turns out the electric cord complicates the matters.

Important Considerations

In any machine, the air filter must be cleaned, and the same applies to the shaft and the edgers’ handle. Temperature matters as well, regardless of the storage place. You have to let the machine cool down completely. Otherwise, if it is placed next to a cold wall, the engine may break down.

In the case of units fueled by gas, you should check if the fuel tank is empty. If the trimmer is powered by electricity, make sure its spark plugs are in a proper condition.

Preparation for Storage

Cordless types of string trimmer should not be stored with the battery left inside. Take it out, particularly in cold weather. It is preferable to place the power source close to the machine, in the same dry and warm conditions, away from fire.

The mixture of gas and oil used in another type of machine may not be stored and reused over a lengthy period. Bear in mind that by the start of the next season, it will be of no use to you, so get rid of it before storing the device. Cleaning is key for any type of device.

Cleaning Your Weed Eater

This step always precedes storage. There will probably be debris, such as grass, dust, or rocks, around the string and the head of the machine. Cleaning will eliminate the probability of unpleasant surprises in the future. A clean string trimmer is a durable string trimmer.

You do not need to buy any special cleaning tools. A hard bristle will do. An old toothbrush is perfect for all the crannies and crevices. A whisk broom will drive the debris out. Once the job is finished, do some rinsing with a power sprayer.

You could also try using a screwdriver with flat blades to take off the debris. You may come up with your own ideas, but remember that cleaning must always be done outdoors. Otherwise, there will be additional cleanup to do after the trimmer cleaning.

Garage Space

The machine is relatively small, so it should be possible to keep it in your garage and still have sufficient free space. As long as it is stored properly and remains intact, its period of service will be lengthy. Check weed eater reviews for more tips.

Diy Holders on Walls

This is a simple solution, which requires just a bit of manual work and some plywood. You can accomplish the task in a few hours. Be sure to take very precise measurements of your machine and the required space before drilling any holes.

Are you sure the place you picked is the most suitable? That empty corner you chose may not be large enough. Also, it is imperative to place the machine somewhere your kids (if you have them) will not reach. They are curious, and this curiosity may cause trouble unless you take precautions.

DIY Slotted Rack

This may either be bought at a retail store or made by hand. Aside from your trimmer, it is perfect for storing other tools. Here is how to construct it from scratch.

Get a piece of plywood that is 0.75 inches thick. The dimensions should be 34 by 12 inches. Before putting your power saw into action, take time to measure the space properly.

This size of the plywood piece should allow you to create storage space suitable for any type of string trimmer in a vertical position. There will also be ample space for rakes, leaf blowers, and other gardening aids.

Closet Shelves

Finally, you could create shelves. This option is great, provided you secure the machine horizontally with the help of curved closet shelf brackets. Make sure they are strong enough to hold the device.

Create a properly sized cradle for the trimmer. This solution is perfect for smaller amounts of unoccupied space in a garage. The main problem is to find a spot that is out of the way but easily reachable at the same time.

The better you provision the space for keeping your weed eater, the longer it will serve you.