How to Start Your Career in Journalism While Studying at College?


If you are interested in bringing breaking news to the world, you are ready to become a journalist. As a journalist, you have the opportunity to get hired by various news reporting media. When you start your career as a journalist, you have to struggle a lot to gain recognition. A recognised journalist not only becomes a household name but has the opportunity to earn a lot of money. The lucrative job of a journalist is highly sought after; hence you need to start preparing your portfolio while studying in college. Here are a few things you can do to create a strong background to support your portfolio:

Select Relevant Courses

Choosing a career early in life give you a clear edge over others. Heading to college allows you to narrow in on your career. What you study in college should boost your career. Jobs after college you apply to will take your education into consideration. For a career in journalism getting a relevant degree is important. You need to have a strong command over the language you are going to be reporting in. Courses in mass media also act as boosts for your resume.

Create a Blog

Journalism jobs are secured not only based on university grades. You need to have a portfolio to impress your interviewers. Your blog can be a part of the portfolio you present. Blogs are not personal journals to share your thoughts in. A professional blog where you share your take on global news can grab the attention of recruiters.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is not only for cat videos and fails videos. YouTube provides you with a medium to start your own news channel. For those who want to become news reporters, starting your career on your channel is a good option. Create reporting videos where you share whatever news you feel is relevant. Share your videos and ask friends and family to share them as well. The videos can help you get noticed by recruiters for your reporting, editing and research skills.

Share Your Opinion Over Social Media

You might be thinking “, If I spend time writing blogs and making videos which will study and write a college essay for me?” Time may not be a commodity that you have when studying in college and trying to create a portfolio. While there are services you can hire when you are worried about writing essay, you do not have much time to stray for college work that’s why you can consider referencing You can share news reports from authentic sources over your social media pages, like Facebook and LinkedIn, while adding your opinion to the post. What you opine on social media is noted down by any media house you want to join.

Focus on Networking

No matter how many videos, blog posts or social media posts you create, they will all be in vain if they are not noticed. You need to get in touch with people who can boost your career. You do not have to stalk members of the press to network with them. You can get in touch with them by following them on Twitter. If you have common acquaintances, you can ask them to introduce you and then start building your network.

Gain Experience

What do you plan on doing during your term break? The only plan you should have is- an internship. Most media houses hire interns looking to strengthen their portfolios. Getting hired by any media house is not enough. Try to get hired by recognised media houses. Make sure that you get authorised papers supporting your experience at the end of your internship. If you are getting a job for a reputed brand at less or no pay, you should take the opportunity.

Find a Mentor

When you start networking, you should try to find a journalism veteran who might be willing to mentor you. Mentorship is invaluable in the field. You not only get good advice, but you can also get reliable sources/leads, recommendations, and more network building opportunity.

Learn Additional Skills

Journalism is not only about writing news and presenting it to the general audience. There are many skills which you can leverage when trying to gain a foothold in the field. You can choose to study videography, master photoshop, learn search engine optimization, spark an interest in photography and sharpen your audio editing skills. Depending on the media you choose to report over, your skills will improve your resume.

Stay on Your Phone

Staying glued to your phone is a bad habit unless you are a journalist. Your phone can be the source of the next breaking news. Scour social media constantly to find any information that can be turned into news. Worried about “, Who will write for me while I am glued to my phone?” Hire writing services for your college work while you are on your journalistic pursuits.

College is the stepping stone for the career of your choice. You need to make time for college work and try to find methods of gaining experience to build your portfolio and resume.