How to Spice Things up In the Bedroom


Owner of a Broken Heart

Many people tend to lose intimacy in a relationship more times than they care to admit. We’re all embarrassed when the day comes along that we’re no longer in love with our partners. Sometimes it can be a seven-year itch while other cases might entail infidelity. Whatever the rhyme or reason, it’s the kind of conversation nobody wants to have whether it’ with our closest friends, sex therapist, or and certainly not our partners. If you want to know what to do when things go that way, you can read this website.

Time and again, we read statistic about divorce rates bursting at the seams and marriages left in disarray. The family courts are backlogged with such cases day in and day out. People suffer the indignity of having to declare bankruptcy because of impending child support and alimony payments. There is no cure all to this issue, moreover. If everyone could ascertain what the number one cause of this was, our society wouldn’t be having discourse about this.

Separate Ways

Everybody from the time we’re in nursery school has been programmed to want an elaborate wedding and to live happily ever after with our partners like in some fairy tale; especially, women. For the longest time, we’ve all been told that if we don’t have a career, a nice house in the suburbs with picket fences, a beautiful spouse, and at least two annoying little rugrats roaming around, there must be something wrong with us, and we’re doomed to lead lonely lives forever.

There even was an era where divorce was frowned upon. There are still cultures in developing countries that shun women wanting to separate themselves from their husbands. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon in some locales for people to create a stigma towards any man or woman who no longer wishes to be married and deem the person unmarketable and unworthy of anyone’s affection once more. There is no simple solution to prevent a divorce unfortunately. There are some surefire ways to spice things up in the bedroom and decrease the likelihood of the relationship ever getting to that point.

Communication is Consolation

One of the first and most important things is communication. That’s a no-brainer. All too often, people have this disposition that ignoring the problem will make it go away. We think that if we just ride the storm out a little longer things will work themselves out. We take the path of least resistance because we were told we’re not supposed to upset our partners.

The human race hasn’t yet evolved to the point where we all communicate telepathically. I don’t know anyone out there who has extra-sensory perception, furthermore. It’s imperative that we speak with our partner and let him or her know exactly how we feel if we want to iron out the kinks. That’s not just true with intimate relationships but also life in general.

It doesn’t hurt to ask your partner what it is that makes him or her feel good. Finding out what one wants is key to moving things in the right direction. There is no such thing as a stupid question unless you already know the answer. Pose as many queries as it takes until you can come hammer out a solution to liven things up.

Mix the Connections

Another thing we can do add some zest into the mix is to switch up the routine. Every man or woman likes someone or something who can be spontaneous. There is never a dull moment with person who doesn’t run out of new ideas. Creativity and Innovation are guaranteed methods to deter boredom in every way, shape, and form. Nobody can fault you for trying.

Yet another of the main components is to build an emotional connection. It does no good to communicate or alter the routine if you don’t have any emotive correlation with your partner. You can make love for hours on end, but the bond you have with your lover makes everything more mystical and can help solidify the relationship. If you want to know more how to do that, you can read this article.

So Far Away

One of the biggest things relationships experts suggest is counterintuitive. That is spending some time away from your partner. Some of us believe this will only create a further drift between our lovers and speed up the deterioration of the relationship. Truth be told, it gives us time to reflect upon ourselves and regroups. Eventually, it will give us the tools necessary to appreciate what it is we have.

No matter what you do to keep the fire burning, it’s always best to remember not to put all your eggs into one basket. As stated in the aforementioned paragraph, there is easy fix to a dwindling relationship. That’s why it’s imperative that you try several different options and solutions to make sure it sticks. The more, the merrier.