How to Set Up the Perfect Reading Nook


Every book-lover needs the perfect reading space, so why not create your very own perfect reading nook? Even the smallest of houses can have that perfect spot to relax and unwind with your favorite book. So, make time to step away from phones and devices, forget about the stress and woes of your day, and take comfort in an alternate universe inside the pages of your book. All of this is made even better with your own, curated spot for comfort and calmness.

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Comfy Corner

The location of your reading nook is truly up to you. You can get inspired by taking a look at other people’s ideas to help figure out what suits your own home and style. Most importantly, the perfect reading nook needs a comfy place to perch upon, whether that be an armchair and footstool in the coziest corner of the room, or a window seat to admire the views and make the most of natural lighting. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to include blankets and cushions to maximize the coziness.

Stylized Space

Personalizing your reading nook will help to boost your mood and really make it a space you feel comfiest in. You can add photos of your family, a space for your pet to join you, a gallery wall of your favorite art and prints and choose décor and furnishings that really speak to you. If you have the room, why not add some shelves and storage to display your favorite books, making it easy to pick up a book and start reading whenever you choose?


A reading nook should help you to relax and feel warm and calm. Different lighting can help set the mood, so try fairy lights or table lamps to make the space feel welcoming. You should also consider a small table or surface to put down your cup of tea or place an aromatic candle or reed infusers with essential oils, which will help promote the relaxing vibes. Frostbeard Studio has the perfect candles for your reading nook, with book-inspired scents to really create the perfect atmosphere – from a coffeeshop to an old library.

Family Friendly

If you have children, you should make sure that they have their own reading nook too. Reading is an essential skill for kids to learn, so encouraging their reading is important. Making a cozy space for them to enjoy reading will boost their learning and help them to enjoy reading as a valuable hobby and skill. You could also consider setting up a space for two, so that you and your partner or child can enjoy reading together.

Your perfect reading nook will make a great addition to your home, and a space for you to enjoy relaxing. Even the non-readers are welcome, as reading nooks make the perfect place to relax in any way. We know some people may prefer to listen to their favorite podcast, album or perhaps take a quick cat-nap -that’s OK too! However you choose to enjoy your space, as long as it is comfy and cozy, you will have the perfect place to relax.