How to Select the Best Migration Tool for Outlook


Being successful means maintaining contacts. Lost contact information means lost business. You will not have customers if you do not know how to reach them. If you know how to handle your MS Outlook contact list, you can do a lot. You can exchange them with other email users or send group messages. Use the capabilities of Outlook to organize your work.

Importance of Business Links

Contacts in MS Outlook may be private and business. Sometimes, it happens that your private e-mail is used for business purposes and you suddenly find a big number of important contacts, which have to be transferred to your working address book. In case you use another mailing client – it might be difficult to do simultaneously because of the format difference.

If you have no idea how to manage this migration except doing it manually – we have a perfect tool to help you. There is a multifunctional app, which performs easy migration of data with different formats. In case you need to import vCard to Outlook – just follow and check how fast it could be.

There is a variety of migration scenarios, so it would become a super useful tool in the office. For example, your Gmail files could be easily moved to a new place, which also applies to Mac Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat, and other popular mailing clients.

What Do Developers Offer?

GlexSoft company has been creating software for many years and proved to be a reliable partner for London City Council, Harvard University, Federal Reserve System and other respected clients. It has an excellent reputation and 100% positive feedback from the customers. There are several reasons for this:

  • Client-oriented approach;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Flexible pricing and holiday promotions;
  • Highly-intuitive apps;
  • Trial versions.

Each product is fully-compatible with major versions of Outlook and Windows. There are three types of licenses available: Home, Business, and Technical. They vary in the number of activations, and consequently – in price. You can either purchase the Data extraction kit, which works with all the possible formats and migration scenarios or select a certain tool for certain formats.

Why Do You Need Software for Outlook?

We live in a modern age where everything may be simplified for humans. Do you ask your administrator why you need MS Excel or a calculator? It is obvious that they are useful but how you suppose to know it before you try?

We believe that all the routine work has to be done automatically. Therefore, saving time for really important things should require additional investments – it is normal and this is how it works in major successful institutions. Let specially designed software do your routine tasks for you and spend this time for other purposes.

In case you have any questions regarding the topic – do not hesitate to leave them in comments.