How to Remove Curls Without Damaging Your Hair


We sometimes love ourselves some curly hair. However, it tends to be a little tough to maintain. It is for this reason that people with curly hair will try and make their hair straight. It is usually easy to comb, style, maintain, and it also looks great too. However, some of the procedures employed in styling the hair may lead to damage. This is by using chemicals and heat. Chemicals alter the structure of the hair, making it weak and dull. Heat also leads to the breakage of hair.

Luckily for you, there are natural ways to remove curls. They are safe, and you will never end up with split ends, broken strands, or dull-looking hair. Here are some of the curls removal tips that you need to be using.

  1. Brush your hair after washing

The best time to straighten your hair is probably after shampooing it. However, the rule still sticks: do not brush your hair when wet. Wet hair is weak and will break during the process. After washing your hair, do not jump right into brushing it. Instead, let it air dry and comb it every few minutes.

Divide your hair into several sections and pull each one out while combing. Alternate with the other parts. To make it straighten faster, do it consistently and also ask someone to blow cold air into your hair while doing it. It will help.

  1. Roll your hair

You have seen women in movies sleep with rollers in their hair. You could use this trick to straighten your hair. You will need big rollers though as the small ones will probably leave the same curls, you are avoiding. After washing your hair, divide it into several portions. While still wet, secure with rollers, preferably the size of soda cans. To make it work better, you need to secure it tightly. Ensure that your hair is completely dry before removing the rollers.

  1. Wrap hair tightly

The hair is easiest to work with when wet. However, you should not forget that it is weakest at this point. You need to be gentle while at it. What you will do is comb it gently and divide it from the center. Comb it down to the left of your head and the other portion to the right.  Pull it to the back of your head and using something like a bobby pin to secure it. Let it air dry before wrapping in a scarf tightly. Doing so while still wet will probably make it smell a bit.

Use a silk scarf so that your hair is not robbed of natural oils. Sleep on it and unwrap when you wake up.

  1. Use bands

This is probably the easiest way you can remove the curls from your hair. It all starts with cleaning your hair as you will need to work with damp hair. Clean your hair properly, shampoo it, and let it air dry. If you do not have extra seconds on you, you can dry by patting gently with a dry towel. While still slightly damp, divide your hair into two ponytails. Secure with a band at the base. From there, use elastic bands to every inch of the tail. Do it for both ponytails and sleep on it. When you wake up, you will be impressed by the results.

  1. Twist hair into a bun

This trick is most suitable for the not-so-curly hair. If your hair is stubbornly curly, this trick will not give you the results you are looking for. Again, clean your hair and let it to air dry slightly. While still damp, make a ponytail with it and secure at the base. Using the tail, wrap it around the bottom to make a bun and secure it with an elastic band. Let it air dry completely then you can undo it and brush it. Pretty easy, right?

Straightening curly hair, if not done carefully, can lead to massive hair breakage. You, therefore, need to take precaution and use straightening methods that are kind to your strands. Avoid hair straightening tools that use high heat. Also, if you must use a dryer for your wet hair, ensure that you are using cold air.