How to Photograph Furniture for Your eCommerce Store?


If you want to sell your Stoney Creek furniture as quickly as possible, there are lots of things to focus on. And one of them is the way to take quality pictures that make your furniture stand out. It’s not that simple, especially if you want that Pandora furniture to go off the shelves quickly and in no time. But there are some methods you can use.

Prepare the products beforehand

You can’t just take photos of your Stoney Creek furniture the way it is. You should try to polish the furniture, as it’s a whole lot more professional and better as a whole. Polishing showcases the material quality and it makes the entire experience a whole lot better.

Pick the right place for the photo shoot

Since you want to take photos for furniture, you need a large place where you have plenty of natural light. Your regular lighting system may not work with very large items, so you should totally keep that in mind. If possible, you should try to diffuse the light with a white piece of paper or a sheet. It still works really well.

Put a backdrop

The backdrop allows your Stoney Creek furniture to stand out. You do need that to make the object feel like a central piece. If the background is busy, it will be hard for you to actually focus on the item itself. And that’s what Pandora photography and furniture photography is all about in general.

Select the best lens for this

It’s a really good idea to identify the right lens when you shoot furniture. This means you have to focus on the optical zoom, and not the digital one. Optical zoom gives a more realistic result, and the experience will be more comprehensive too, which is exactly the type of stuff you need from something like this.

Try out various angles

The Stoney Creek furniture may not stand out from a standard angle. That’s why we recommend you to use a variety of angles. Try to see what angle works for you and use that to your own advantage. It’s a great opportunity and the experience can be an astonishing one.

Take lots of pictures

You shouldn’t be ok with just a single picture. The more you have, the better it will be for you. Ideally, you want to make sure that you show the product from different angles. It’s not going to be a walk in the park to find the right angle, so why not add multiple pics. And again, all of these have to be of a really high quality!

If you want to take photos for the Stoney Creek furniture to add on your ecommerce store, this is the right way to do it. This is definitely worth it, all you have to do is to find the right product that suits your needs. Rest assured that the quality and value is there, all you need is to give these tips a try and you will enjoy it quite a bit.