How To Measure Replacement Windows And Doors Size


Total Home Oakville knows how challenging it is to find the right measurements for your replacement windows and doors. So, if you are reading this, the question on how to measure replacement windows and doors size will be perfectly answered. With this guide you will know everything you need to measure for your doors and windows and how to get started.

However, you should know that if you are purchasing a replacement door or window, you are not supposed to take dimensions of the existing door. You are supposed to take dimensions on the door or window frame. When it comes to measuring of Oakville windows and doors, there is a common expression which states, ‘ measure twice, cut once’. So, remember this always. Another thing you would want to remember is the angle at which the door opens.  When taking the measurements, you should do that while standing in the front of the door, so that when you open it, it opens away from where you are standing. If the hinges are on the left side, that implies that the door opens to the left and if the hinges are on the right, the doors opens to the right.

Use Metric Instead of Imperial

This is the first step on how to measure replacement windows and doors size. Millimeters are more accurate than inches. They prevent the occurrence of an error when converting inches into millimeters. Therefore, when taking measurements, make sure you use metrics to measure your old window and bring them to your manufacturer.

Measure from Outside

Make sure you take your window measurement from the outside. Measuring from the inside causes inaccuracy, since there is some part of the window that will not be measured. If your windows have window sills, measure beneath them rather than against them. If there is rendering in your property, remove some and measure from the edges of the bricks. It ensures that you achieve maximum accuracy.

Measure from Different Places

Since the window space may not be square, take at least three different measurements for each dimension. Take the top, the middle, and the bottom measures and present them to your manufacturer. From these measurements, they can come up with an accurate size for your window space. Various factors can cause a lack of consistency in the measures such as the house and the window’s designs.

If you experience a difficult time taking or choosing the areas to measure, do not feel shy to seek professional assistance. It helps to avoid colliding with your manufacturer and making them feel unprofessional about their work.

Deduct 10mm

After taking your final measurements, you should deduct 10mm. It allows some allowance for the new frames which will be fitted. If space is left upon sitting the replacement window, spacers are installed. They seal any gap available, making the window a perfect match for that space.

Do Not Include the Old Frame

The old window frame is definitely part of the replacement. This frame has already undergone a lot of wear and tear, such as warping, rotting, and cracking. Including it during measurements creates a huge error since it is not going to remain there. You should keep in mind that when you involve the old frame, you will end up having a smaller window than the space available.

Be Certain About Your Measurements 

Do not present measurements to your installer if you are not sure about them. Make sure you have confirmed them before visiting your manufacturer. If you are not sure about them, you can invite a professional or your installer to make these measurements.

Presenting wrong measurements will cost you since you will have to take home an ill-fitting window. At this point, your manufacturer will not bear the burden, and you will have to either have to make another window or have expensive alternatives.

Compare Different Quotes

Window-shopping can give you the best experience when replacing old Oakville windows and doors. Make inquiries from different manufacturers and get quotes from each of them. Compare their packages and pricing and settle for the most relevant ones. It is crucial to consider their experience when choosing, as some may be very cheap but no working portfolio to present.

We hope we have answered your question regarding how to measure replacement windows and doors size.