How to Make Your Wedding as Special as Possible: 5 Tips


A wedding day that’s as special as possible is usually the goal of every bride or groom to be. From the choice of venue to a couture wedding dress, every decision helps to create the ultimate ceremony.

With 2.4 million weddings performed each year in the U.S., many couples search for ways to make their weddings a little more unique. These tips can help make yours extra special and perhaps spark some of your own ideas too.

Personalize Your Ceremony and Reception

During your ceremony, consider including some of your guests, perhaps your closest friends and family by having their thoughts and wishes incorporated into the address. If you’re wedding will be very small, ask each guest to stand up and recite one promise to the bride and/or groom. Or, if you have a longer guest list, consider a group vow where your officiant asks everyone, “Do all of you promise to support this couple, offering your love, compassion, encouragement and guidance?”

Personalize your reception in a way that will help family members and friends of both the bride and groom get to know each other. Perhaps display photos of each at certain ages along with “get to know them” cards on each table with fun facts about the couple.

Give Yourself a Gift

While the wedding day is supposed to be about the bride and groom, it often becomes a busy and crazy day with family and friends. Make it special for yourselves before the vows are even spoken by writing each other a love letter. Put the letters into an anniversary box with a bottle of wine and on your first anniversary, open the box and relive the day with each other.

You can build on that idea by including your guests in your “anniversary box.” Place notecards on tables at the reception and ask them to fill them out, perhaps with special memories, to be included as well. Consider personalized wedding jewelry as well. This would be a very special gift you will both treasure for years to come.

Honor Your Family and Wedding Party

Weddings bring together many different types of people and oftentimes not everyone knows everyone else who is there. The groom’s side may not know the bride and vice versa. Introducing your family and the wedding party to your guests is a great way to include them, thank them and make for a joyful day all around. If you have a wedding ceremony program, this a great time to explain why your bridesmaid is so special to you or how the groom and best man met.

End with a Toast

While everyone thinks of the best man’s speech at a wedding reception, a toast isn’t just for the best man or other members of the wedding party. As your reception starts to wind down, consider making a couples’ toast that allows both the bride and groom to say thank you to the wedding party, guests and anyone else who make the day extra special. If you’ve got it all on video, it will make for the perfect ending… or beginning of your new life together.