How to Make Your Relationship More Fulfilling


Make your relationship with your hobby, make this your mindset. You thought about it for a minute, right? Okay, to elaborate on this, think about the definition of a hobby. A hobby is something you do and that you are passionate about it. You love doing it, you spend time doing it and you prioritize it. You learn baking and try out your recipes, you knit your scarves, you get the best watercolor and paint your favorite place, and you try your best to become better.

What do you think of the idea of doing the same thing with your relationship? Make your love life a hobby. Here are some tips for you for starting this new hobby:

Explore on Sexuality

You can familiarize yourself with the spectrum of the passion triangle and try this out with your partner. It involves your imagination and it needs your five senses, do not limit yourselves to just kissing and doing the act of sex. Both of you have no limitations, explore each other’s body using your senses, and take this as a challenge for both you: do something different and exciting every time you make love. Taking a shower together, dressing up in sexy clothes, using sex toys, stimulating the male’s penis to enlarge with a Penomet hydro pump, or a dildo for a female’s clitoris to juice up. Any of these ways, making your sex life with your partner will be something that both of you look forward to and make your marriage last forever.

Avoid saying “I am not in the Mood”

Whenever you feel like saying this, it does not mean that your partner does not care or love for you anymore. Normally, sometimes you make love less than what you were used to. The solution to this is to stimulate each other, rather than feeling down because you do not have that desire. Yes, the key to this is desire and arousal. If you feel that you have the desire, but ever wonder why it is not working, well, you just need to initiate a response from your partner. You can start to be naughty and playful to let her feel your sex drive. On the other hand, if you are the one being stimulated, but you are caught up busy with something else, then never say you are not in the mood, a nice way to say is “later baby, not now”.

Put in on your calendar

Like the usual couples’ date, making a schedule for your intimate moment with your partner can make your relationship exciting and fulfilling. It is a good practice of making this your habit and eventually become your hobby as a couple. If you have learned to connect with your partner, eventually it will lead you to a passionate desire and build that intimacy in your relationship.

To make your relationship be filled with happiness and satisfaction, you have to understand your needs as a couple. Once you discover these needs, do what has been mentioned above, make it a hobby while creating a good ride for a transformed relationship.