How to Make Your Home Summer-Heat Ready?


The summer season is the time to have fun and enjoy the warm weather. It is the perfect season to head outdoors to indulge in some family activities. However, with the rise in global warming, the temperatures each summer are increasing. You have to prepare your home in advance for the summer heat these days. It will allow you to combat the high temperatures and enjoy the sun at the same time.

When you prepare for the summer heat in advance, it is easy to enjoy the season rather than get affected by the high temperature outside. There are a few simple ways in which you can make your home ready for the summer heat. We will today share with you this guide to make it easy for you to handle the summer heat.

1. Protect the wooden surfaces:

The summer heat can impact the exterior of your home significantly. If you have wood furniture or deck around your house, it is time to protect it from the UV rays. UV rays can cause the wood furniture to stain which can destroy the aesthetics. It is advisable to opt for UV resistant coating of paint or an oil-based paint which can resist the UV rays of the sun. It will ensure that in spite of being in direct contact with the sun, the wooden surfaces do not deteriorate.

The application process for such a finishing layer of paint is pretty easy. You would need only minimal equipment like:

  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Sprayer

Once you have this equipment, you can easily apply this layer, and it will dry within 24 to 48 hours. The simple precaution which we are discussing now will help you protect all the wood surfaces in and around your home.

2. Upgrade the windows:

The best way to insulate yourself from the summer heat is to upgrade your Windows. If you have been using old window panes, the level of insulation will be on the lower side. These days, double pane windows are available which help you in insulating the interiors of your home from the exterior temperature. It also means that you can maintain a cooler temperature in your home. You will not have to overwork the air conditioner to do so.

The latest windows come with a UV coating which can provide greater insulation. It will help you enjoy the light but block out the excessive heat by providing proper insulation. Thus, the best way to combat the summer heat is to upgrade the windows.

3. Go with cooling curtains:

Cooling curtains are nothing but blackout curtains which can completely insulate your home from the sun. You can cover the windows using these curtains to block out the sunlight. When you do so, you will not have to worry about the air conditioner running on full blast constantly to keep your house temperature down. It will help you reduce the energy expenses and at the same time, keep your home cooler

You should choose curtains in solid colors so that they can block the entire sunlight. Once you do so, it is easy to create a proper ambiance in your home.

4. Get a new AC:

With the summer temperatures increasing year on year, we are reliant on air conditioners now more than ever. If you use an old air conditioner, it might be time to upgrade to a newer one. It is important to measure the size of the room and buy the air conditioner accordingly. You can call an ac installation professional to get it up and running in no time. A good air conditioner along with a smart thermostat can help you keep your room cool uniformly. It will also reduce your electricity consumption, which will, in turn, bring down your utility costs.

5. Use Smart landscaping:

Smart landscaping acts as a natural protective layer against the summer heat. You have to plant shrubs and leafy trees strategically around your home. With the help of such trees and shrubs, you can easily block the excessive heat and also filter the sunlight, which comes in through the windows of your home. It will ensure that your home remains in the shade of these trees rather than under harsh sunlight throughout the day. When you prepare your home for the summer heat, it is better to opt for smart landscaping at least a couple of months before summer. It will help you shield your home and have ample greenery around your house during summer months.

6. Do not forget the fans:

Many people rely on air conditioners when it comes to the summers. However, having ceiling fans in the high traffic rooms helps to keep the home cool. In the high-traffic rooms, the conditioners have to work on the highest settings to maintain a reasonable level of cooling. On the other hand, when using ceiling fans, they will push the warm air towards the roof and the cooler air towards the floor. The fans will help you maintain the temperature of the room without having to spend significantly on the electricity costs. You have to buy a fan which turns in the counterclockwise direction, and you can ensure that it pushes the warm air out.

The ceiling fans are much more economical to operate consistently. That is why, for living rooms and the foyer area, it is advisable to go with the ceiling fans rather than relying on air conditioners.

7. Minimize air leaks:

During the summer months, it is important to insulate your home. It will ensure that none of the cool air from your home escapes outside. You have to look at the door and window frames. It is not necessary to replace them. You can use sealants to seal them up. It will help you reduce the leakage of air. When there is no leakage of air, it is easy to maintain the temperature within your home.

Pro Tip: You should reduce the frequency of closing and opening of doors. Each time you do so, the cold air escapes out. That is why it is essential to reduce the door opening instances.

8. Get the roof ready:

The roof plays a significant role in keeping the heat outside during the summer months. Before the summer season, it is essential to get your roof inspected. If there are any problems in the ceiling, you have to get it repaired for the summer months. If there are any cracked or broken shingles, you must replace them. Similarly, if you have a metal roof, you should replace the broken sheets. It will leave no weak points in your roof through which excessive heat can creep in. You can examine the gutters and the chimneys to ensure that they are in proper condition. With the right insulation, it is easy to keep the summer heat outside. You can even call for professionals to get it examined.

If you have skylights in your home, you have to make sure that they are in perfect condition and not broken. It will help you insulate your home from the summer heat. You can also replace the skylights with double insulated panes to get extra insulation. The roof and the exterior of your home can keep the heat at bay which will help you keep your house at lower temperatures.

So, when you’re preparing yourself to combat the summer heat, these are the eight tips which you need to follow. With this handy guide, it is easy to keep your home at a cooler temperature. It will also allow you to reduce your energy consumption and maintain a comfortable ambiance within your home.