How to Make Google Love Your Attorney Website?


It goes without saying that in this age and day, the success of a business largely relies on its online presence and how easy the target audience can access the business’s products or services. Now, an online presence is even more important to businesses in the more competitive industries, which is where legal practice falls. now, when you create a website for your legal practice, grabbing Google’s attention and achieving high ranks or SERPs can be a hefty task but hey, you can do it! Many law firms have not been in a position to get there because they lack proper content along with an effective internet marketing strategy. Most importantly, it takes providing stunning content and creating a website that Google will fall in love with. Here are some tips on how to make Google love your attorney website.

1. Invest in Law Firm SEO

Search engine optimization is the flesh and bone of successful internet marketing. As you may already know, SEO involves adopting tactics that will help improve your website’s online visibility. However, it’s never a walk in the park, especially for competitive businesses such as legal practice. For this reason, hiring a professional and experienced service provider for optimizing your website should be at the top of priorities as far as law firm marketing strategies are concerned. While at it, you’ll want to ensure the service provider specializes specifically in Law firm SEO and marketing. They’ll have all the experience and skills it takes to help attract Google’s attention and rank your site high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

2. Include Statistics Related To a Legal Issue/Offence

Numbers don’t lie as so does credibility. The latter is a key element in any profession that involves direct interaction with clients. When clients go to your website and see the statistics related to your profession, they will be tempted to dig deeper into your profession and see your work. With an impressive database, a potential client is likely to hire you compared to the one who does not have a lot of involvement in legal cases. When you lack credibility in your field, potential clients are bound to “pass-through” your profile and find a better firm. Provide content that will make potential clients want to hire your services and this will impress Google as well.

3. Include Successful Case Results

Potential clients will want to deal with an attorney who has handled a similar case and won it. Legal matters should not be a trial and error exercise. When you attach testimonials of cases you have handled and gotten through them successfully, who would not want to work with you? As a law firm, providing your successes raises your attorney credibility bar and you will win the hearts of many just for your transparency but you will have many visitors scrolling through your website.

4. Use Different Types of Content

When you want more site visits, you should come up with unique ideas for your site. Sometimes, clients get tired of reading or they may read a point and not understand it. Break the monotony of write-ups and have infographics on some pages. Apart from being pleasant in the eyes of Google, it increases dwell -time and also differentiates your work from your competitors. You can use these media to convince potential clients to work with you and also explain the services you offer in your firm. When analyzing your website statistics, you will see which area had the longest dwell-time and you can add more content in this area to increase visits.

5. Provide a FAQs Page on Your Website

Frequently Asked Questions are a crucial component of any website, especially for service businesses. You can use your FAQs page as part of your content strategy where you’ll utilize your keywords to make Google love your website and improve your rankings online. While at it, however, you will want to aim at being as informative as you can, providing accurate answers for the questions provided. Google search results are placed in a pole and if your firm’s website is included in the snippet, it opens a highway to your website. This can be a great vehicle to help gain an edge over your competitors.

6.  Include Internal Links to Your Website

Remember, your main aim as a firm is to have the utmost traffic to your website. Now, link building is another great strategy to attract Google’s attention while maximizing traffic and dwell-time on your website. In addition to making your site easier to navigate, internal links that attach one piece of content to the other within the site can help it look more resourceful in the eyes of Google. It’s a ranking factor that Google often uses when rating sites and displaying online search results.

Finally, your website can be accessed by anyone, so you’ll need to be very keen when uploading content to avoid misinterpretation. When you understand your audience, you will know how to handle them and you will give them exactly what they want. It’s also important to understand that strong legal content starts from reaching out to their needs by educating and informing them of various legal issues and their consequences. All the same, these are just a few tips you can use to make your site more pleasant to “professor” Google.