How To Incorporate Tiles In Your Home Design


The cost of tile installation in homes is between $13.50 and $63 per square foot, with labor and materials making up much of the expenses, according to Home Advisor. Over time, you will require a makeover in your home to enhance style and comfort. With so many design options out there, it may be challenging to know how to transform your home with a unique tile design.

However, if you consider the use of tiles, you can create unique and stunning interiors. In the modern world, people don’t utilize tiles in bathroom designs or flooring only. If you put in some creativity, you can come up with appealing tile designs for any room. 

Use Tiles to Create Accent Walls

If your living room wall, for instance, needs a major update, consider creating a featured wall. While paint and wallpaper add color to the space, tiling is an excellent way of adding style and character. When designing tiled accent walls, there is no limit to the colors, textures, shapes, and layouts you can incorporate.

Depending on your preferences, you can use a variety of tile materials from porcelain that mimics brick to hand-painted ceramic wall art or glass mosaics. The trick is to be as detailed or colorful as possible to draw attention.

Make a Statement with Patterned Floor Tiles

While you can make a statement floor with any tiling design and material, patterned tiles stand out. Choosing patterned floor tiles comes with numerous benefits like adding a touch of style in living spaces. Additionally, patterned tiling gives you the pleasure to customize rooms, and they also attract attention by creating a visual wow factor. Besides, you can use patterned tiles in any functional space, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Regardless of the style in your home, patterned tiling will blend well with other pieces of interior décor. The most crucial step is to settle for the right patterned floor tile designs. Whether you want to play with patterns, mix and match, or add mid-century glam, there are a variety of shapes, texture, and colors to help you create inviting spaces.

Cover Imperfect Architectural Aspects 

We all have that one architectural design element we dislike. It can be a massive fireplace that you no longer use or an in-built cabinet that feels out of space. Instead of investing a vast sum of money on major renovations to get rid of them, opt for tiling. Tiles are perfect options for covering design flaws in various rooms.

For example, you can turn your fireside into a focal point by incorporating unique tile design ideas. Consider using marble, porcelain, marble, ceramic, brick-like, or pebble-like tiles. If you have uneven walls, get creative with patterned tiles, glass mosaics or tile-artwork to create a visual attraction.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home design in a personal way, look no further than to add bright tiles in an interesting design. The hallway with tile patterns, unique colors, and textures. By doing so, visitors will have a clear picture that the rest of the interior décor is attractive even before they can explore the entire home.