How to Get More from Your Favorite Entertainment Platforms


The entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the United States. It is estimated that by 2020, the United States entertainment industry will be worth $720.38 billion. From streaming content to video games and from TV to movies released at the box office, the industry is doing incredibly well.

If you enjoy games, music, and movies then this is inevitably a good thing. It means that there are more ways to entertain yourself and many more platforms that you can sign up for to get access to all of this great content, and getting more from these platforms isn’t that difficult.

Listen to Podcasts and Music

Streaming platforms like Spotify became famous because of their huge libraries of songs, but as they’ve grown, they’ve understood that people don’t just want to listen to music. There is a growing podcast industry, with thrilling series like Serial, a podcast that got three million downloads in one day when its third season was released, as well as This American Life and Radiolab providing news and opinions in audio form.

Music is still the most important part of audio streaming platforms, but you will find a huge range of podcasts to choose from. Podcast listening grew by 175% on Spotify in 2018 and it has put money into original and exclusive podcasts, so start there if you want something new to listen to.

Play Bingo and Slots

Online bingo has become really popular, as players are now able to mark their cards and watch the numbers pop up on their computers, smartphones, and tablets with ease. The convenience of being able to play from wherever you have a connection to the internet rather than being restricted to bingo halls has certainly added to its popularity.

Themed bingo games such as Pixie Pot, which is about mythical creatures, Fruit Bonanza, which is all about the classic fruit theme, and the soccer-themed Golden Goal have all given people reasons to play. Sites such as Lucky Pants Bingo also offer online bingo with slots such as Deal Or No Deal and Narcos, giving you something else fun to do before you head back into the bingo rooms. These offer a bit of variety through the use of well-known TV shows, although there are plenty of others to choose from if you are looking for something different.

Watch Funny Clips and Movies

When people think of YouTube, they probably think of wild personalities and humorous cat videos. For many people, this is still the reason why they visit the site and why it gets more than 1.8 billion users a month. However, this isn’t the only content you can get on YouTube and as it has tried to find more ways to make money from its platform, YouTube has also begun to sell movies.

Some of the movies that you can purchase or rent on YouTube are Elf, John Wick, and School of Rock. These aren’t small movies, and it shows how much YouTube has tried to offer variety in the content it provides.

Content platforms may be famous for one thing, but they’re all trying to diversify, allowing you to get much more entertainment if you just look around.