How to Fit Travel around Your Busy Student Lifestyle


School might be tough at times, especially around those sweet midterms, final essay writing and exams, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy life for the next 4-5 years because you’re studying. On the contrary, you being a student is a great opportunity to use the benefits of your status, explore the world, try things, and, of course, go places. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should do it, how to choose the best places for college students to travel, and how to fit that in your busy schedule. Let’s go!

Why Should a College Student Travel

Everybody has one’s own reasoning for going to different countries but we feel there are a few common things you can agree to. First, it’s way cheaper to travel for college students than for an adult – nearly all transportation you can find in the world (and even some airlines!) gives a 50% or more discount for a person with a student ID, which means, you’ll pay less and can save a lot. Second, nearly all of the museums, historical landmarks and places, exhibitions, and other cultural stuff is free for those who are currently enrolled full-time into a college/university program. Plus, there are a lot of cheap accommodations like hostels for students where you can also save because of your status. What we’re trying to say here is that it’s not as expensive as it looks in the travel bloggers’ Instagram account and if managed and planned right, it can become your student years highlights. Now, let’s look at how to choose the best travel option for you.

Solo Backpacking or Traveling Abroad Programs for College Students?

These are the most common options for someone who decided to see a bit of the world. The first one presupposes that you pay for all the expenses you need for this trip and the only assignment you have to do during this type of voyage is to enjoy the new place in the UK or beyond, have fun, go to the museum or spend the time as you please. This is what many students choose because they know they can easily find an expert who could write my assignment while they’re exploring the heritage of Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, taste the new food in Eastern Europe, eat fresh fruit in Thailand or explore the Scottish landscape. The best part? You can go on weekend trips to places that take only 1-2 hours to get there.

The travel program or summer trips for college students are usually organized by the school you’re studying at and it’s not the do-what-you-want type of travelling. Here you usually have research or task and this is the main purpose of your going on this trip. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t combine the work and the fun. Apart from the fact that you may ask someone to “do assignment for me”, these trips are partially or fully-sponsored by the school, and you’ll have some perks from the welcoming side like free travel cards, meals, etc. Honestly, you won’t find more affordable travelling than this because the only thing it requires is your time and effort to do the assignment or research. And come on, it can be fun.

Where Should You Go as a Student

Because you study, we suppose that your financial income is either low or non-existent for the time being, and you need to opt for the best and most budget-friendly options. Here is the list of tips to consider when choosing a destination:

–        Go to places with many universities/colleges. Not only because you’ll have a lot of young people there but also because most likely, they have favourable conditions for students, various discounts and free perks.

–        Get the ISIC card. It will save you a lot of money. The thing is, in some countries, you can only show the national or international student ID to be able to get free entrance. Plus, it gives you a discount at the participating stores and transportation companies online or at the stations. Always carry it with you.

–        Join student communities online. Every university/college has social media pages and it’s a nice thing to check what’s going on in the city you’ll travel. You can also ask for help and recommendations from fellow students and even find friends to hang out with.

Top European Student-Friendly Destinations

Here is the list of the places you can go to as a student and don’t spend much on the activities.

1)    London

2)    Barcelona

3)    Paris

4)    Vienna

5)    Rome

6)    Pisa

7)    Berlin

8)    Edinburg

9)    Lisbon

10)  Warsaw

We do hope this article motivated you at least to start checking your schedule if you have some free weekends to explore the closest cities and get inspired for the next week. And trust us, sometimes travelling teaches us more than any university can.