How to Find the Right Travel Insurance Coverage


Figuring out what kind of travel insurance to buy isn’t easy. You may not even need it. But then again, do you? Whatever the case, when you are comparing your options, Zoom Travel Insurance is the go-to place to buy the best travel insurance for you.

There are four (4) things to consider when choosing your travel insurance plan:

  1. Type of trip
  2. Non-refundable trip costs
  3. Comparing your options
  4. Cost justifies value?

So let’s take a look at these, one at a time:

  1. Type of Trip

If it’s just a road trip to visit family 3 hours away, then you obviously don’t need travel insurance. On the other hand, if you are in New York and you are flying to Los Angeles to see your family, then travel insurance is strongly advised. The chances of something going wrong increases when you fly. There is always a possibility of delays, and your luggage could get lost or damaged.

Basically, if your trip is taking you more than 100 miles away from home, and includes expenses you paid for in advance that are non-refundable, and you are concerned about possibly losing that money because “things can happen”, then it would be in your best interest to insure the trip.

  1. Non-refundable trip costs

Though we touched on this a bit, we are going to dig in more. Travel insurance covers costs paid prior to leaving that may incur cancellation penalties. Any expenses that you could stand to lose if something happens should be insured.  So total up all your non-refundable costs. This is the amount you will insure.

Among the expenses you may want to consider insuring include flights, hotel stays, all-inclusive vacation packages, tour packages and even event tickets where they will be staying. Any one of these items could be refundable, but make sure you know for certain before you purchase your plan, because they may not be. If they are not, insure them. Remember, anything prepaid or non-refundable is insurable.

  1. Comparing your options

You may be tempted, possibly because you are in a hurry to get your travel plans in order, to choose the first travel insurance plan set in front of you. We advise that you continue comparing your options before decide firmly on a plan. “One size fits all” just does not fit with travel insurance.

When you go to our site, you will be able to see more than one plan at a time. This way you can compare options and choose the plan that fits your particular family needs, and the trip itself.

As they relate to trip cancellations and interruptions, travel insurance plans may be similar. However, when it comes to travel baggage protection limits, and emergency medical coverage, the range of benefit limits is wide. Just use our website to the full so you can choose the right plan.

  1. Cost Justifies Value?

We have already considered a number of things that affect your travel insurance plan. Now, you have to ask yourself, “Does the cost of this plan justify the value I’m promised?” You may actually wonder if you can actually afford the plan. All of the things we have talked about factor into the actual price of the plan.

We at Zoom Travel Insurance want to assure you that we will give you the best price possible for your individual plan. Once again, we pride ourselves as being the go-to place for travel insurance. Feel free to visit our website to keep comparing your options and we will help you choose the right travel insurance plan.