How to Find the Right Age to Implement a Skincare Routine into Your Child’s Life?


The needs of a child’s skin are different from those of an adult. More fragile, their skin needs appropriate care to stay healthy. Each age group has its own needs for care. From birth to adulthood, through childhood and adolescence, the skin requires special care. Not a year without a publication alarming us on the dangers of cosmetics for babies and children. To the point, that we sometimes wonder what to put on their skin. Let’s take a look at the right age to implement a skincare routine into your child’s life.


The skin of the newborn – up to 3 months, according to experts – is not yet mature. It is much more likely to absorb harmful substances through the skin. Especially since its detoxification system is not mature either. That’s why the safety margin for baby products needs to be much higher.

The products to focus on according to cosmetologists and dermatologists are products that do not attack the skin and use the mildest hygiene product possible, without soap and sulphates. A syndet (cleanser without soap) or a sugars bread specific for babies are ideal.

From 3 months to 3 years

This is the time to pay attention to the areas for ​​sitting since the peak of diaper rash as been observed around the age of 9 months. This is also the age group for the onset of atopy. Nonetheless, this is also the period, especially after a year, when you want to diversify the skin products. To experts if there is no allergy or any known skin problem, you can turn to more fragrant products.

The products to focus on should include; Short formulas, organic or not: milk or cleansing water, mild cleansing gel and moisturizers. For baby massage, you can turn to vegetable oils. Sweet almond oil remains a classic, but it should be avoided if there is a risk of allergy (like that of hazelnut). Sunflower oil and coconut oil are also great options in this situation.

From 3 to 8 years old

This is the age when certain skin conditions can arise especially in kids who were not raised in nurseries. Moreover, in this age group, children love spending hours in the bath. This is a ritual that is pleasurable but sometimes an ordeal for the skin.

Dermatologists have suggested that children with atopy be confined to non-specific detergents and moisturizers, while others can, at this age, have fun with other skin cleansing agents. For shampoos, it has also been suggested that one can continue to use a soft product, specific for children, and formulated not to sting the eyes. Squalane oil is a great option to try for beautiful looking skin for kids aged below 8.

From 8 to 10 years old:  The Right Age For a Skincare Routine.

At this age, kids love to shower alone and they often like to test various skin products. Well, this is the perfect time to get the message to them. At this age, it is easy to implement a skincare routine for children. Vitamin is an important thing for best looking skin for your child. You can start giving your child timeless vitamin c serum at this age.

They can be taught how to rinse well after a shower and clean between the toes. Girls can be exposed to facial hygiene techniques with a specific product.

This is the perfect period to start implementing good skincare habits and it shouldn’t be missed as they would likely carry over these habits into adulthood.