How to Find a Self-Tanner with No Smell


Self-tanning products have increased in popularity over the past decade. But they’re not perfect. It can be hard to find a self-tanner that provides an even tan without that awful scent. The following tips should help you find the best smelling self-tanner without that smell.

What Causes Self-Tanner to Smell?

Self-tanning products contain the active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is responsible for this smell. It’s found in beets and sugar cane and reacts to the amino acids in your skin that causes your skin to tan. The tan stays for several days or until you shower or exfoliate.

Most brands try to mask this smell with essential oils and natural ingredients such as coconut, but most self-tanning products still contain a hint of this odor. If you don’t want to smell like DHA, then apply the self-tanning product the night before an event and go to sleep in an oversized T-shirt. Then take a quick shower the following morning.

Not all self-tanning products with DHA smell bad, though. Bronzing Mousse is a best smelling self-tanner that has a fresh, clean scent. Some contain special fragrances that reduce the DHA odor.

Tips for Preventing the Smell

Even if you use scented and fragrance-free formulas, you may smell the DHA odor. It’s advised not to bathe or shower for eight hours after applying self-tanner so it can create a tan. Once this time has passed, you can exfoliate and shower and re-apply the self-tanner. If you’re using a spray tanner, then wear a shower cap to prevent the odor from staying on your hair and scalp.

You should also keep the spray tan away from your underarms since it can produce a strong scent underneath there. Allow your skin to dry before getting dressed. Then you can spray your favorite fragrance all over your body. Wear breathable fabrics such as cotton. Then spray more of that perfume to help mask that smell, which leads us to our next point…

Masking the Smell

Some self-tanning products contain essential oils, natural ingredients, and other fragrances that help mask the DHA odor. These fragrances are generally clean and fresh after tanning, but they quickly wear off after application. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect way to get rid of the smell, but you can make it more enjoyable by using a self-tanning product with a pleasant scent. To maintain that scent, you’ll have to reapply the self-tanning product as well as your own fragranced bath and body products.

Odor Neutralizers

There are self-tanning products with advanced formulations and odor neutralizers that catch the DHA scent the moment that it sits on the skin. Depending on the product and certain environmental factors, these odor neutralizers may wear off quickly. To maintain the odor neutralizers, you’ll want to rely on home remedies. Baby powder and baking soda can also help with neutralizing odors.

DHA Levels

Each self-tanning product isn’t made the same. Therefore, each self-tanning product and spray tan has a different level of DHA. That unpleasant smell that’s associated with DHA is a result of your skin’s chemistry. The key to getting rid of that scent is to use a self-tanning product that contains a lower level of DHA. There are organic self-tanning products that contain a different form of DHA since it’s synthetically produced.

Rinsing Off the Product

Sometimes rinsing off the product sooner rather than later can get rid of the smell. While your tan is on the lighter side, the scent won’t be as bad. The odor seems to take place more at night, so showering and using a fragranced product can help mask the smell. Just don’t shower so soon or there’s no point in using self-tanner.

Experimenting with Different Formulas

Since self-tanning products are not made the same, it’s best to experiment. They may achieve the same goal but may not do so due to their different formulations such as using a self-tanner from MineTan with coconut water. It’s hard to tell how one self-tanner will react with your skin and which one will create an unpleasant scent. So, it’s best to experiment with different products to find the best one that works for your skin.

As you can see, it can be difficult to get rid of the DHA smell. But you shouldn’t feel discouraged with your self-tanner smell. Finding the right products that work with your skin and preparing beforehand can give you that beautiful glow you desire. Just by following some or all of these steps, you’re likely to experience bronzed skin without that irritating smell.