How to Come Up with Design Ideas


Are you a designer? Do you want to be the best in your field? The Designing business is a tough one, so the pressure is on, and designers can feel it. Being a designer requires a lot of patience on your part, a great deal of dedication, and most importantly – talent and originality. No matter how good you are at navigating all the best design programs or at communicating with the clients, if you can’t come up with new design ideas on a regular basis – you are doomed for failure.
So if you want to be a top designer, you need to have a constant flow of ideas that you can turn into something magnificent. But how do you do that? Where can you find design ideas without recycling old clichés? Try to keep your mind open, and maybe you will be able to find inspiration soon enough!

What to Do?

If you want your work to be relevant and inspiring, you need to think about what you want your designs to communicate. To do that, you need to feed your mind with information non-stop. Store every single piece of information you stumble upon, and hopefully – all those pieces will turn into a beautiful collage of ideas.

So how can you collect new ideas for your designs? The answer to this question is quite simple:

  • Connect With Others – One of the first things you should do is create new connections with people – both designers and not. If you don’t, you are bound to recycle your own ideas at one point or another. By talking to other people, you can open your mind to new perspectives that can eventually turn into original ideas. Share your thoughts with them, and listen to what they have to say about your work and life in general. You can never know where inspiration will strike!
  • Travel – When you live in the same place for a long time, at some point you stop seeing your surroundings for what they are. You might get used to the setting, and perhaps the beauty around you won’t inspire you anymore. That’s why you should travel and change your location from time to time – even if you do so temporarily. Explore new places, talk to new people, and basically – change your routine. You don’t have to go far to do that, as there are probably dozens of places in your hometown that you never even paid attention to. Hopefully, the adventure will help you come up with new ideas you could use.
  • Pushing Your Limits – Sometimes, you need to get out of the box to fill your mind with ideas you never thought of before. Do something daring and unexpected, from extreme sports to visiting an Australian online casino in your spare time. Both activities will fill your body with adrenaline, and the excitement can turn into a fertile ground for new ideas. Whether you go out or stay at home while you challenge yourself by playing casino games, the new adventures might provide you with unpredictable ideas in no time.
  • Read as Much as You Can – Although some people might say that reading is too time-consuming to be productive, you should know that this pastime activity is one of the best ways to get inspired. In books, everything is possible. You can encounter intriguing characters, enchanting places, and thrilling concepts that you can develop into design ideas later on. Don’t be afraid to “waste” your time on reading, as it might prove to be the best source for original ideas you can ever place your hands on. You can even call it research if you’d like!

In Conclusion

Good designers know how to use the best programs and how to talk to clients, but great designers have something extra that you can’t buy – originality. If you want to make sure that your design work is fresh and creative, open yourself to new possibilities and don’t be afraid of looking for inspiration in places you never thought of before!