How to Choose a Bouquet for a First Date


It is hard to overestimate the importance of a first date. On it, people form an opinion about each other, a slight sympathy arises, and a decision is made regarding the possibility of a second meeting and the further development of relations. Little things make up the general impression, so a bouquet for a first date can affect its outcome no less than the rest of the details of this event.

Giving a bouquet to your lady on the first date is a great opportunity to express your sympathy and admiration. At the same time, it should not be too luxurious and magnificent, so as not to put the girl in an awkward position. It is better when the composition is miniature, romantic, and cute. If you had the opportunity to communicate with Ukrainian women for marriage before starting a relationship, the chances of making the right choice are much higher. You will definitely succeed if you first manage to find out about the interests, hobbies, and character traits of your new friend.

A Flower or a Bouquet?

Before buying flowers, it is worth considering the circumstances of the planned meeting: will it be convenient for the girl to wear the bouquet all day, will it be possible to put it in the water, will the buds fade by the evening. Besides, when choosing a bouquet, it is not advisable to go to extremes. For example:

  • one, albeit ravishing rose, perhaps, will be regarded by a girl as neglect or greed;
  • a too big armful, of course, will impress her, but in the future, the chosen one will expect even broader gestures, and their absence will cause her disappointment.

Flowers in a box will be an ideal option for a long date. It is convenient to place them in a gift bag, and a floral sponge will help flowers stay fresh and beautiful.

What Flowers to Choose for a First Date

In floristry, tulips, roses, lilacs, orchids, and daisies are considered the best options for flowers for the first meeting:

  • Roses are a versatile and classic option for a date with a girl you like. It would be appropriate to give white or pink buds as a sign of a tender attitude and sincere emotions.
  • Daisies and tulips symbolize innocence, trust, and purity. They will express emotional excitement, admiration, and affection.
  • Orchids will help create a magical mood and amaze the girl with exoticism and bright colors. They will show serious intentions.

One of the brightest and most fragrant plants is lilac. Pink blossoms are perfect for a first date. The fresh composition will create a mood for easy communication and a romantic atmosphere.

Unusual Options for Bouquets for a First Date

On the first date, you can show yourself as a creative person: instead of a bouquet of flowers, you can give the girl a bouquet of juicy fruits and delicious sweets. Such a present will be enthusiastically received by both a romantic and a practical lady. It has the following advantages:

  • will not fade in any situation;
  • will perform the function of a dessert;
  • will show your creative side;
  • has an affordable cost.

A bouquet can be presented unexpectedly, not at the beginning, but at the end of the date, and courier delivery will help to do this. To implement such a plan, you need to think carefully about the date and time to return home. The courier should arrive in time at the moment of goodbye — the girl will be very surprised at the unexpectedly received bouquet.