How to Become a Nurse Practitioner


Having a career in nursing is one of the most satisfying jobs. The fact that you get an opportunity to tend to other people’s needs and give them hope for a better life is also an added advantage of the career. However, with the growing number of nurses, you may want to advance your career and learn exactly what is a nurse practitioner? As advancing your techniques and ultimately becoming a nurse practitioner (NP) is something that can profit you the most. One way of advancing is through acquiring additional skills and higher degrees, thus making yourself more competitive on the market than other caregivers. Becoming an NP guarantees that one can provide diagnoses and clinical assistance to various patients. If you are thinking of advancing your career and start practicing as an NP, here is a simple guide on how to become a nurse practitioner.

Graduate From High School

Although this may seem quite obvious, it is a common step that one has to go through to become a successful practitioner. Graduating from high school and having attained good grades in relevant subjects as biology, chemistry, anatomy, statistics, and psychology sets you on the right track. Additionally, you can spice that with working at a hospital as a volunteer. This will not only help you in getting experience but also provide you with suitable recommendations that will help in your college applications.

Enroll For A Bachelor’s Degree In Nursing

This is one of the primary nurse practitioner requirements if you want to venture into the nursing field. Your education qualification will help set the standard of your career path. Although several other ways will lead to the same career destination, a bachelor of science in nursing degree eliminates all the struggles as it has everything inclusive. The program only lasts for four years after which, the student is fit to work at any level. In this course, a student will learn about nurse care of various populations, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and hands-on clinical instructions. However, students must ensure that they are accredited with their undergraduate degree from recognized institutions for better qualifications. Additionally, you must ensure to read through various nurse practitioner essay examples to help you write competitive essays throughout the course.

Be A Registered Nurse

Once you attain your undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science, it is time to acquire experience as a practicing nurse. For you to achieve your RN license, however, you must be able to show proof of completing a training program that is approved and passing the NCLEX-RN. The registration program takes 1-2 years, but the good news is you will still be allowed to practice in the field to continue enhancing your nursing experience.

Graduate Degree In Nursing Is Fundamental

NP is a more advanced course. Therefore, it requires more educational qualifications to certify someone fit for the job. Additionally, it is not for the fainthearted but rather brave, reliable, and students ready to sacrifice more time towards learning. Although it is still possible to qualify as an NP without the graduate’s degree, attaining it betters your chances and also improves your worth in the field. Although the admission requirements for this program will vary from state to state, the general requirements include the following:

–        Well written CV

–        Official university transcripts

–        Proof of RN license

–        1-2 page personal, professional goals statement

–        Letter of recommendation

–        Graduate record examination

–        In-person/online interview

–        Application fee

Depending on your expectations and place of learning, the program will take 1.5-4 years from start to completion. However, as a graduate degree student, there is an option of studying online hence giving you an added opportunity to continue practicing and advancing your experience.

Certification With The Relevant Nursing Board

Whether you are working in private or public institutions, to be a successful NP, you must be subjected to a nursing board. Although it is still possible to operate independently and achieve your career goals, serving under a nursing board guarantees that you have a backing of others and you are protected by the governing rules. Additionally, the committee assumes responsibilities of ensuring you have somewhere to exercise your duties at all times. If you are willing to work under a nursing body, some of the qualification to certify you include:

–        A valid RN license

–        Graduate degree in nursing from accredited institutions

–        Application/examination fee

–        Pass a comprehensive test

–        Proof of at least 500 faculty-supervised clinical hours

–        Specific coursework completion


To sum up, once you follow the above guide from start to finish, you will be confident to work from anywhere around the globe. Additionally, operating a local clinic or becoming a caregiver to a public or private home with minimum supervision will not be your fear.