How To Achieve A Smooth And Radiant Complexion


Getting the most out of your natural looks is the ideal goal for many of us – men and women alike. The problem with this goal is that it can feel hard to truly get that radiant glow to your complexion without a little help. Sometimes there is a lot of conflicting information available to help you get this look, and it can be hard to sift through all of the suggestions or products that are advertised.

Luckily, the tips here are useful in helping you achieve that smooth and radiant complexion without having to go through the long and troublesome process of finding out if they are legitimately useful.

Choosing a Better Makeup

Makeup often gets a bad reputation for being bad for the skin. While this can be true in some cases it is not always true. There’s a lot of times where the advice is true like taking makeup off before bed or ensuring you do not put on too much. On the other hand, there are a lot of makeup options that can be used to help maintain a healthy look to the skin, and a non-oxidizing foundation is a good choice. Other makeup choices that you should look for include fragrance-free, mineral/nutrient extracts, and lightweight so it does not clog pores. These are all components to good makeup that can help keep your skin looking naturally fresh after you remove it and will have less of a long term impact on your complexion and radiance.

Drink More Water

Simple enough, but not too many people truly follow the 8 glasses of water a day. This depends on your body composition, of course. If you are bigger you will likely need more water, and if you are smaller, less water. The general rule of thumb is 8 glasses (2000ml) a day, which is easy to achieve. Some ways to do this are by carrying a water bottle with you during your errands or at work. Water helps keep your organs operating smoothly and allows them to function well, which gives you a much more healthy look and will show in your complexion. Most importantly, water keeps the skin hydrated and maintains elasticity so your skin is not dry or cracking.

Dietary Fats

Fat is another thing that gets a bad reputation from people. We all assume that fats should be avoided in the diet, but it is not quite that simple. Sound familiar? Well, just like makeup, fats can be good and bad. Saturated and trans fats are mostly found in greasy or processed food. These cause oily skin and can lead to blemishes and other unwanted skin issues. Healthy fats, on the contrary, are very good for your skin and overall health. Avocados, fish (salmon, herring, mackerel), broccoli, bell peppers, and certain nuts contain the fats that are great for the heart and skin health, as well as other vital organs. These fats can be substituted into your daily diet to improve your health and skin, or you can take supplements like fish oil if you cannot access a steady supply of these foods.

Exercise and Physical Impacts to Complexion

Exercising is a great way to remove toxins from the body that accumulate and cause the skin to worsen. Getting outside and enjoying the sun (not too much!) will help improve your complexion and tone as vitamin D is necessary for your body to look and feel healthy. If you do engage in strenuous exercise, just remember to shower off the sweat as it can create blemishes or clog pores. Other impacts to complexion and skin problems in general come from environmental concerns. Air quality is a big reason for people having a worse complexion. Pollutants or toxins in the air might not be easy to avoid in many cases, like living in a city, but try your best to get outdoors in clean air or maintain your home’s dust and air quality levels. You spend most of your time there so it is also a generally good idea to make sure you are living somewhere that is not dangerous to your health, skin, or otherwise!

While getting the perfect complexion might be hard, as genetics or toxins in the air can sometimes be unavoidable, these tips are fairly useful in making big steps towards achieving your goal. By drinking more water, watching what you eat, and using smarter makeup choices, you can certainly make it much better on yourself for your health and get that radiant glow that people try so hard for.