How Technology Has Changed The Betting Industry


There is no denying that technology has changed the world. This is especially true when it comes to the betting industry. In fact, it was just recently reported that one-third of all the money staked globally is coming in from mobile gambling. This is a truly staggering number when you sit down and think about it. And, it is estimated that by 2020 digital technology will be responsible for more than half of all sports betting online. Sports betting has always been popular since digital technology broadened its scope, but now it has the industry reaching all-time highs. It is pretty evident that digital technology has grown the popularity of sports betting, but how has it really affected the industry as a whole? What changes does it offer betters?

Enhanced Security

Even though this is considered the age of online retail consumers and betters are hesitant when they spend money online. And, this is rightly so because there are so many scammers and hackers out there. Sports betting sites and casinos are sitting ducks for these individuals. Sports betting sites are basically just a big digital record sitting there will people’s personal and billing information. Luckily, digital technology has enhanced the overall security of these sites. These sites now have access to the same encryption software that the FBI and CIA use so you can always rest assured that your billing and personal information is going to be safe from prying eyes.

Live Streaming Enhances In-Game Betting

When sports betting was first developed it really was based around concepts like who was going to win the game or how many points the team was going to win by. Well, that has completely changed over the years. Players can now bet on anything from the number of turnovers to the number of fouls. What’s even more impressive is that better can now bet while the game or event is taking place. And, betting sites are now offering live streaming of these sports events so that betters can take in all the play-by-play action. Sbobet88 is one such site that offers these live streaming services and it really makes the whole in-game betting experience more exciting and rewarding.

Increased Connectivity

When online betting was first introduced to the Internet world its biggest selling point was that betters could place bets and gamble anytime they wanted. This is still true, but with the rise of smartphones and ubiquitous Wi-Fi spots, betters can now literally place bets from just about anywhere in the world. You can simply access your smartphone and place a bet or check the score of any event right from a cafe or restaurant.

Redefining Strategies

The Internet is highly known for self-help video and guides. And, this is because streaming and videos have grown so popular thanks to digital technology. This in combination with the popularity of online betting and pros from all around the world are sharing their strategies and guides with novice and amateur betters. You will now find a number of sites that offer guides of self-help videos based around betting strategies.