How OGLF (Our Good Living Formula) Are Changing The Health & Beauty Game


For a long time, the health and beauty industry has been booming with consumers having been fed on both better and worse products in the industry. With the high confidence and trust that the public has given to celebrities, beauty companies have exploited it in pursuit of financial benefits by using celebrity endorsement to market their products. It therefore makes it challenging to know which product works and which doesn’t, and that’s where reviews come in, to help in making an informed decision.

Genuine Reviews

However, with the robust number of review sites spewing out countless reviews of health and beauty products, getting an honest review is often challenging. A number of these reviews are often sponsored and will therefore mislead the consumer. Luckily there are some sites that are dedicated to genuine reviews. These reviews that you can trust have several features:

  • Based on actual products
  • Personally written by the reviewer
  • Written after testing the product
  • Not sponsored
  • Run by professionals

1. Basing on Actual Products

Many review sites often just spin the information on the product website. They do not actually review the product but instead put up what the manufacturer thinks. That’s where you may end up seeing reviews that sound over-promising which may lead you to think the product reviewed is impressive. A genuine review is based on the actual product, examining the ingredients, preparation and other features of the health and beauty product to give an honest opinion of its performance.

2. Personally Written

In a crusade to rank higher on search engines by posting a large number of reviews, many review sites utilize freelancers to prepare the reviews. Although it is an amazing idea that allows more work to be done, if not carefully done, the reviews may end up misleading consumers. A freelancer often is focused on getting paid for the job and not in really helping the consumer in getting a health and beauty product that works. A perfect review site will have reviews that are personally written by the reviewer.

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3. Product Testing

As mentioned earlier, it is not about reviewing what the manufacturer thinks the product can do but rather the actual product. One way to ensure that the review is not biased is by testing the product. Serious review sites have testing facilities where the products are tested and then an honest opinion of the performance is given to the consumers.

4. Not Sponsored

As you well know, whoever pays gets the praise. Unfortunately, that’s the case for many review sites that crop up every single day. Once a review site has some traction, many companies will approach them with their products wrapped in some bank notes. Some reviewers may take the shortcut of making some quick returns out of their hard work and that means you the consumer gets fed with wrong information about the products. Reviews you can trust are never sponsored and often get their funding through affiliate links when you click and buy products through them.

5. Run by Professionals

One critical feature of a review site is the qualifications of the staff. The best sites often have professionals in the field of health and beauty working on the reviews and offering helpful tips. The site should have at least an individual who is dedicated to health and beauty. Academic qualifications, like in the case of a number of top-rated review sites, is an added advantage.

Advantages of Genuine Reviews

There is great need for provision of summarized reviews of different company products to consumers. This comes with a number of advantages to both the retailer and the consumer which include:

  • Establishment of credibility by consumers of the products
  • Free advertisement of the upcoming retailers
  • Review materials are often used for marketing
  • It enhances the quality of the products
  • It bridges the gap between the customer and the product company
  • It helps provide insight on services that a retailer is providing.
  • Helps build confidence
  • Saves resources

Establishment of Credibility by Consumers of the Products

The emerging beauty brands often experience a laxity in winning the consumers’ trust before they pick up. This is very common in the companies opening up to a new field for the first time. Before the company woes a number of customers to their products, they must have provable evidence showing how their products will create a positive impact in the presumed customers’ life.

Most of the time, you tend to search for reviews of previous customers on the beauty products you are just about to purchase. A great reputation that the customers and review sites give to the company selling the products, has a higher chance of attracting and maintaining new clients. The reviews of the health and beauty products help optimise the company’s name and its products on different search engines.

Chain of customers is built on how positive the feedback is from the consumers who have had an experience with your products. A better foundation for business is established on the ground, as the level of trust and authenticity thrives, more space is created for a healthy business to grow. Genuine reviews open up the business to a higher level of repeat purchases and stronger relationship with customers.

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Free Advertisement for the Upcoming Retailers

Most of the time, businesses pay for commercial advertisement of their product. This has proven to be costly, specifically for business and companies that are starting up and are yet to have a command of trustworthy customers. Potential buyers of products often start by searching the product online before making a purchase. This has opened up the search engines to rate products from different companies based on the reviews they get from trustworthy review sites.

Online retailers receive a sizeable number of customers, whose trust has been built from the regularly updated reviews and ratings on the specified goods. The retailers that sell products that are yet to be reviewed are displayed less on search engines.

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Review Materials are Often Used for Marketing

Some review materials are used to market the company’s products. Most upcoming retailers who are an independent brand, are at a disadvantage when compared to their well-established counterparts. These companies will spend more cash on selling their ideas and publicizing their product in advertising firms and media houses. For the companies that already have a well-established database built with genuine and five-star reviews, will have little budgets scheduled for the purpose of marketing since they have won the trust of clients by selling quality beauty and health products.

A high rating by a trustworthy review site is often used in the marketing of the product. Emerging companies, have been trying to get better reviews for their products, to help acquire new customers.

Enhances the Quality of the Products

Name any big name in the retailing industry and check the quality of the products they offer. It has been established that the presence of reviews has helped raise the quality and standards of the products on the retailer’s shelves.

A number of retailers who failed to offer better quality products have ended up losing potential customers who could have raised the standards of the operation of the business. Other than the retail chains, independent retailers are in deep need of cultivating reputation on the quality of the products they offer in order to enhance a positive reputation of their brand products. This reputation ranges through the written reviews that are great for search engine optimisation and marketing by word of mouth.

Actionable insights are also gotten through the review collected on the retailing products of a shop. This allows the customers to appreciate the features of the retailers, and freely comment on the quality of services they have been offered at the shop. Through this reviews, retailers get to be enlightened on their positive and negative sides, and are given a chance to explain themselves and promise possible action to be taken to remedy the situation in case of a bad reputation.


Most health and beauty companies rely on feedback for their prosperity. So they tend to maximise on what reviewers think of their products in improving their products. They are bound to maintain a high level of product quality so that they do not lose customers. This strategy works best for an already established retailers and helps the upcoming ones acquire genuine customers who will be there for it despite the conditions that may be prevailing, due to the trust they have won on each other.


Bridge the Gap Between the Customer and the Product Company


OGLF (Our Good Living Formula), being an industry leader when it comes to review sites, has been instrumental in providing genuine reviews and bridging the gap between producers and consumers. Due to the honesty of the reviews and helpful health and beauty tips, many consumers have turned to it when thinking of any new product.


The gap that may exist between the company and a potential consumer of their product is bridged through sites like this one. The exposure the new consumers get from the reviews they have read online, allows them to build a closer relationship with their potential retailers. Such sites have been developed to help amalgamate reviews of products from different retailing shops just to help new customers have prior information on the products they are about to purchase.


A new customer does not have to rely on the often over-promising details about a product and then end up regretting it. They are able to make a decision based on the reviews they read online about the products they are eying to buy. The review site acts as that trustworthy friend helping you choose what is best for you.


Provides Insight on Services that a Retailer is Providing.


Provision of reviews allows shoppers to provide genuine details on the quality of the products. This opens the mind of the future consumers of the same, and helps them judge appropriately. A number of companies have been exposed for their shoddy expensive services through reviews.


Retailers may be portrayed to be providing better services but on looking at the review, this is not actually the case. On the same note, companies have been known to retain and attract a significant number of consumers through an insight of the quality of services they offer. Some companies have the resources to bar a customer from exposing the quality of services they provide, but provision of reviews has really helped expose any issues with the products and the true picture of what the company is.


Feedback from consumers has also exposed the exaggerated picture that different companies like being associated with. Reviews genuinely rate these companies basing on the quality of services and products they received while under their care. There is freedom that comes with giving back feedback. It is presumed to be the best way to rate a company and its products at an individual level.


Builds Confidence


A positive review greatly boosts the confidence that exists among the consumers. Confidence of consumers of beauty products is the very key to a company’s success. The field of beauty and health is very unique. For a company that provides these services to thrive it must have gained enough confidence and trust from the consumers. This field basically allows the consumer to entrust a producer/retailer with their body parts ranging from skin and other parts which is very difficult. A company providing shoddy goods and services to its consumers won’t survive for long.


Saving of Resources


Provision of genuine reviews has been associated with saving resources such as time and money. Not all the consumers of beauty and health products have the time to spend reviewing all the products from different retailers. Accumulating the reviews at one point, helps them save a considerable amount of time that would have otherwise been wasted on a number of retail shops looking for reviews that may not even be genuine.


Poor market research and feedback has been the major cause of wasting money. Consumers of health and beauty products could be wasting money buying junky products that have not been reviewed, thanks to the efforts made by product reviewers, now they can make an informed decision before proceeding to purchase new products from the top-rated retailers.



A review can be a very helpful guide when it comes to choosing a product from a myriad of products on the market all of which claim to be the best. However, there is a high number of review sites that are misleading and therefore the information given needs to be used with caution. Luckily, there are several leading websites run by professionals offering genuine reviews and helpful tips that you can trust. These kinds of reviews are highly advantageous both to you as a consumer and those selling the products.