How Many Edmonton Windows Styles Do You Know?


One of the best and flawless way to give your house a fresh look and make it more appealing and comfortable is by removing the older windows and installing new Edmonton windows. This instantly enhances the curb appeal of your structure. However, is that always the case? For most homeowners, especially the novice ones, choosing between different varieties of window styles is a daunting task. Most of them end up choosing a window style that doesn’t complement their home.

Apart from the obvious feature of the appearance, there are other aspects you should look in a window such as the functionalities, ventilation, privacy, and security. Things such as the safety of your home come first. So, regardless of what you aspire to accomplish with your new replacement Edmonton windows, it is certain that you will definitely have a style that complements the design of your home. Take a look at these window styles.

Casement Windows.

When you chose these window styles, you get everything you need for your home. The styles come with hinges that hold the window panes on the frame vertically. It is upon the user to choose how to open then, whether to the inside or left. They can also be hinged either on the right or the left. That implies the windows can be put beside each other and be operated just like the way a French door operates. Since they come with a crank, they best suited to higher places that are hard to reach.

For instance, you can install casement Edmonton windows over the countertops. You can also install them in your bedroom as well as in your sitting room.

Awning Windows.

Windows come in different sizes to be used in different sizes of openings. When it comes to sizes of windows, awning windows are smaller window units that are specifically designed to be used in such places where large window units might not fit well.

It is also a great style of window to use if you like opening your windows as it rains to feel the cool breeze of rain. These units open from the bottom and therefore prevent rain from getting into your home.

Picture Windows.

If your dream home was to have a home that is bright and open to visitors, then you are going to accomplish that by installing picture glass windows in your home. This style of window is as its name suggests. Just a picture without the operating features. When it comes to allowing natural light into your home, there is no other style of window that beats picture Edmonton windows. That implies they enhance the lighting in your home, especially the sitting room and make it look much bigger.

Make the family gatherings more inviting and lively by installing picture windows in your sitting room and dining hall. You can as well use this style of window with another window style to achieve your ideal window combo. For instance, combining picture windows with casement windows makes your home not only bright and inviting but also ventilated.

Single and Double Hung Windows.

These two window styles go together since the differences in them are so negligible. They are some of the most used windows in most Edmonton homes. You will virtually find them in all the windows and doors Edmonton local and big companies.

With a single hung window, it comes with two sashes, but only one of those sashes can be operated. The other remains fixed.

When it comes to double-hung window style, it also comes with two sashes that can all be operated. This is of great vitality when it comes to ventilating your home. Besides, if you have kids or pets and you want to live them in the house, you can close the lower window sash and open the upper one for ventilation. This ensures they are not only secure from falling, but also the room is well ventilated.

These window styles can be used in virtually any style of home, from modern to traditional Homes.

Bay and Bow Windows.

These styles project from the exterior wall of your building. The distinguishing feature between the bow and bay is the number of panes used and shape. Bow windows have more window panes and are more curved than bay windows.