25 Eye-Catching Hipster Tattoos that will Inspire You


If you’re a fan of the latest trends in tattoos or want marvelous ideas for your personalized design, check out these innovative pieces of body art. Symbolic, expressive, and inventive, tattoos like these are gaining popularity around the globe, and it’s no wonder. Each can be easily transformed to fit your personality, whether you design your own or hire someone else to do it. Just remember, there’s always the option of henna tattooing first which is only semi-permanent so you can test out the design before committing to it for the rest of your life!

1. Tripple Arrow 
hipster tattoos (11)
Mythology is filled with the symbolism of arrows in legends and religions throughout the world. They symbolize seeking a target or goal, precision, and determination. It takes great concentration and knowledge to fire an arrow from a bow, so they also can signify wisdom as well. Not to mention war and of course – the Hunger Games saga!

2. Enveloped Heart
hipster tattoos (12)
Keeping it simple can be one of the best ways to figure out a perfect personalized tattoo. This tat may only be three lines in the seeming shape of a heart, but each could bear its own separate meaning. If you have a wife/husband and child, a small heart enveloped by two more is an easy and safe way to permanently express your love for them both.

3. Fearless Sleeves
hipster tattoos (13)
Do your tats tell stories? Sleeves are great for conversation starters. They draw attention, create curiosity, and draw people in to your style. They’re perfect for personalization, giving you the freedom to create larger and more intricate tattoos that flex with the muscles of your arms. Keep in mind sleeves can sometimes take years to complete, depending on the detail you desire and the amount of work you can afford to get done in one session.

4. Timeless Belief 
hipster tattoos (14)
Remind yourself that this life isn’t where it all ends. Sometimes, a single word can give you the inspiration to find the motivation in achieving your dreams and goals. Tattoos with words can be both literally expressive and symbolic, or mean something that only the wearer understands. A worded tattoo works well as a coupled tattoo. For example, you can get “Best” and your friend can get “Friend” – or you can get “Forever” while your partner gets “In Love”.

5. Catching Dreams
hipster tattoos (15)
Native American dream catchers are both beautiful in their craft and artistic in their very nature. They’re geometric, making the design ideal for most places on the body – and their feathers can exquisitely dance across your skin.

6. Movie Theater Marvel
hipster tattoos (16)
Movies can inspire us, move us, or give us an epiphany. Showing love for your favorite film can be more than just rating it five stars on Netflix or watching it over and over again. It can be a whole venture of artwork, displaying the characters or scene that changed a little piece of your personality or inspired you to do something worth while.

7. Scenic Destination
hipster tattoos (17)

A framed view of a place you love or a place you wish to go in your life can make a great tattoo simply because you’ll be carrying a little piece of it wherever you go. Here we see a mountain view with trees and hills, but you can make it your own with a waterfall or forest, your favorite city or a raging river. Framing it also makes it look cleaner; fresher; more refined.

8. Falling Feather
hipster tattoos (18)
Feathers are a classic symbol of communicating or reaching the divine in various religions across the world. They represent transcendence and ascension to the ethereal. Feathers have been worn by Native American chiefs and shamans as well as Celtic Druids – the powerful and the psychically enhanced. Modern day has us associate feathers with freedom and light heartedness.

9. Modern Mehndi
hipster tattoos (19)
Similar to the henna tattoos that are worn in various Middle Eastern and Asian areas of the world, tattoos such as these are gaining popularity around the world for their beauty and intricate design. Normally worn to ceremonies and special occasions, you can make every day special with a tattoo such as this, expressing your inner light.

10. 3d Geometric Illusion
hipster tattoos (20)
Simplicity just got complex! Ever see a 3d movie that requires you to put on special 3d glasses to view? A tattoo like this almost begs for you to look at it with those glasses. Designing your own geometric shapes can be fun and great for fitting anywhere on your body. Pairing simple red and blue lines gives it the 3d effect that will have on-lookers staring.

11. The Emerald City
hipster tattoos (21)
Nothing looks more glamorous than a kingdom or city of pure fantasy, one that opens the imagination and has you daydreaming about adventure. Whether you place it on your leg or on your back, you’ll need a large piece of available skin for a tattoo like this if you want to get all the details of your fantasy world in one picture. You can even turn towards movies such as “The Wizard of Oz” to get inspiration.

12. Infinity
hipster tattoos (22)
Technology has brought us a long way these past few centuries, and knowledge is now available to anyone with a phone that connects to the internet. The idea that the human soul; spirit; divine piece of us, lives on far after we’ve lived this life is gaining popularity in modern culture. Expressing your belief in the concept of infinity has never been easier – especially when placed on the wrist for all the world to see.

13. Finger Moustache
hipster tattoos (23)
The next generation has made moustaches quite popular, and if you too are a fan but don’t want to go around sporting the real thing, you can have one tattooed on your finger! It’s simple, fun, and a design that is semi-hidden. You won’t have to worry about what work has to say about the tat and you can amuse your friends any time you’re feeling sophisticated.

14. Symmetrical Owl
hipster tattoos (24)
Like many animals, owls are an important part of mythology in many legends and mythologies. They’re most associated with wisdom, especially Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and war strategy. They can also representative of your love of the night since its when they come out to hunt. Various species of owls are considered quite adorable, so if you’re a fan, you can design a beautiful owl of your own.

15. Elegant Rose Garden
hipster tattoos (27)
To color or not to color? Not to color! These roses are big and beautiful, covering the entirety of the thigh and reaching up to the lower back. If you’ve any light scars that you dislike or even stretch marks you’d like to cover, a tattoo like this is great for just that while giving you the option of coloring it in or not. Large roses can be expanded over as big or as little skin as you wish.

16. Doubled Roses
hipster tattoos (1)
Thicker lines with less intricate details are considered more fashionable for men in the realm of flower tattoos. Roses like this are normally paired with other tattoos or placed in a design, such as roses surrounding a dagger or snake or whatever it is you’re trying to display.

17. Hunter’s Trophy
hipster tattoos (2)
Have a hobby that defines you? Here we have antlers mounted on wood, symbolizing hunting. It’s small, simple, and placed in a spot that won’t deter you from getting a great career that requires no exposed tattoos. You can take any hobby you may have and transform it into a tattoo, just think of the product of your craft and turn it into a fashionable design!

18. Tribal Bands
hipster tattoos (3)
Don’t want anything too complex? Perhaps you’re afraid your tattoo won’t look good with various outfits of yours? Not to worry, tribal tattoos – especially arm bands – can be the perfect option. They’re simple, look clean, and can match anything you decide to wear.

19. Spinal Symmetries
hipster tattoos (4)
Spinal tattoos can hurt more than the average, I won’t lie, but the final product can look elegant and beautifully placed! Especially if its the only tattoo on your back. These are gorgeous in the summer when wearing swimming suits and look dazzling with open-back shirts.

20. Wishbone
hipster tattoos (5)
Which side’s wish will come true? Representative of life, a tattoo like this one expresses the unknown we always encounter. The fun thing about tattoos with hands is that you can also have the fingers drawn any way you like, symbolizing anything you believe to be amazing, funny, significant, etc. Make a wish!

21. Personalized Storytelling
hipster tattoos (6)
If you aren’t afraid of tattooing up your hands and arms, you can place symbols all over your body that are significant and truly mean something to you. Tell the story of your life, or perhaps memories, by tattooing symbols representing instances, occasions, people, pets, revelations, epiphanies – absolutely anything you like. Not only will you be the only one that understands the meaning behind them all, they’re great conversation starters.

22. Target’s Demise
hipster tattoos (7)
A large, single arrow. If you are a person that likes to reach every goal and strike every target life hands you, an arrow can help express this for you or give you the reminder/good luck you need to continue to do so.

23. Animalistic
hipster tattoos (8)
Earlier we saw a tattoo of an owl. We also saw a mounted set of antlers. This is yet another way to express your love for either an animal or hunting. Obviously, its hunting here since an arrow is in the design! You can choose to have an animal symbolizing this or perhaps even a spirit animal. If you’re someone that wants others to notice, the arm is the perfect place for a tattoo like this.

24. Colorful Close-Up
hipster tattoos (9)
Striking and filled with vibrant color, tattooing a moist, almost crying eye can symbolize so many things it will leave your audience guessing. Do you want to keep away evil? Are you naturally more sympathetic or saddened in life? Perhaps its the eye of the one you love. Eyes can mean so many things, it’s up to you to decide how you want to display it.

25. Transformation
hipster tattoos (10)

Combining reality with geometric design is a wonderful way to show off your creativity. This combination is striking and lovely, and can be done with any animal face.