60+ Hippie Quotes with Odd Twists You’ll Relish


When you think of a hippie, what are the first assumptions that come to mind? Peace, love, freedom, weed, Woodstock, bandannas, tie-dye… But what would a wise hippie have to say? You’ve landed on a page that will provide you with 60+ hippie quotes that are sure to demonstrate at least one trait of the generation’s subculture. We can’t guarantee these were all stated by a hippie – but they definitely portray beliefs of them.

1. Sleep & Love Under the Stars 
1220216-hippie-quotesHippies were known to be environmentalists and seek out being one with nature (mostly). Many believed in free love as well, making this one of our hippie quotes displaying love for both one another and the night sky.

2. Taking Chances 
2220216-hippie-quotesTry something new. Experience the unknown, to see if you succeed on such a path. Many hippies traveled an unbeaten; unknown path and some were successful in their endeavors, finding the wings they needed to fly.

3. Do You Hear the Music?
3220216-hippie-quotesThis quote carries much hidden meaning, depending how you decide to interpret it. Some of us hear the music; enjoy that which life grants us. Some would rather judge others than join in on personal discovery.

4. Shake the World 
4220216-hippie-quotesThis might be a Gandhi quote, but its how hippies would have it. They were anti-war, shaking the world with their beliefs of peace.

5. How to Be Happy 
5220216-hippie-quotesYou don’t need lots of materialistic things to be happy.

6. A New Path
6220216-hippie-quotesThis can’t just be within the realm of hippie quotes… this is definitely a great quote for scientists and the like.

7. Happiness All the Way 
7220216-hippie-quotesEasier said than done.

8. Accept Yourself 
8220216-hippie-quotesHippies are notorious for promoting self acceptance.

9. Heart’s Love
9220216-hippie-quotesPromoting love in every action you take. Now that’s pretty hippie.

10. A Natural Comparison
10220216-hippie-quotesComparing the human body to a forest, such an intriguing idea – so true too. And so hippie.

11. A Hippie Soul 
11220216-hippie-quotesWho can truly claim they’ve the soul of a hippie? Apparently there are Millennial hippies these days. But can they really be defined as hippie? Do they have the same beliefs as the true hippies of the Baby Boomers?

12. Care Less for Happiness
12220216-hippie-quotesWhile I agree with this quote, you’ve gotta be careful what you care less about. Some things you should care lots for – like your family.

13. Seek and be Sought 
13220216-hippie-quotesIt’s the law of attraction. Whatever you put out into the universe, you shall receive in return.

14. Rude vs. Nude 
14220216-hippie-quotesEver been to a nude beach? Are people there rude, ever?

15. Moments Enjoyed are Never a Waste 
15220216-hippie-quotesEnjoying every moment is like something a hippie would say while smoking the herb. Granted, not all smoke the herb, it’s merely a stereotype.

16. Bettering Your Self 
16220216-hippie-quotesIt’s never a good idea to try to compare yourself to someone else. Each one of us walks a separate path. You should always make it a goal to go futher the next day, bettering both yourself and the circumstances you draw to yourself.

17. Peace Everywhere
17220216-hippie-quotesTo live a life of peace is what hippies were truly about.

18. Kindness is the Way 
18220216-hippie-quotesMost hippies followed a rule of kindness, which is why they often picked up hitchhikers (well, at least in the movies!)

19. Approval Not Needed 
19220216-hippie-quotesYou can’t please everyone, keep that in mind. If someone has ill feelings towards you, keep them out of your life and move on. You don’t need them. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. Find others to spend time with.

20. Flower Child 
20220216-hippie-quotesA classic symbol of hippies: colorful psychedelic flowers. They were often found in hippies’ hair, too, making this quote quite appropriate.

21. Through a Child’s Eyes 
21220216-hippie-quotesThis is one of our hippie quotes that takes you back to childhood, when anything seemed possible and the world was truly beautiful. What happens in adulthood? What experiences take away such thoughts from the mind?

22. Hippie Power 
22220216-hippie-quotesIf you can teach your children the importance of peace and love, as well as respect for the environment – then you’ll raise a child that will do good for the future of humanity.

23. Happiness is Everything 
23220216-hippie-quotesWhat is the point of living if you’re not happy?

24. Rise Through the Tough & Dirty 
24220216-hippie-quotesThis quote simply implies that every beautiful thing must transcend the evil; the hardships; the dirty work that will eventually take it to its final destination.

25. One Pill Makes You Larger… 
25220216-hippie-quotesThe other makes you small… And the ones mother gives you don’t do anything at all. Go ask Alice… A quote from a famous song that most hippies loved. Can you guess the artist?

26. Janis Joplin 
26220216-hippie-quotesWe’re here to enjoy life, not to be miserable through it. Why live life in such a state? One must remain inspired!

27. Travel Everywhere 
27220216-hippie-quotesSee the world. It’s easier than you think, so long as you’ve a way to make a little money wherever you go. Hippies can almost be like gypsies, though there are definitely many a differentiation.

28. Your Own Compass, Your Own Life’s Path
28220216-hippie-quotesOne of our hippie quotes that demonstrates the need to follow one’s own path, the one that points you in the right direction that no one else can see or understand.

29. All In Your Head 
29220216-hippie-quotesHow we view and perceive our life is in our own mind. If we want to change our life, we must first change our thoughts.

30. Habitual Badness
30220216-hippie-quotesHabits are repetitive actions we put into motion ourselves. Bad habits can always be undone.

31. Let Go
31220216-hippie-quotesSometimes we can be blind to all that is good and relevant in our lives. We must learn to step back and note what we truly need in our lives and what we must rid ourselves of to move forward.

32. Wild & Free 
32220216-hippie-quotesOne of our more perfect hippie quotes, this one says it all. What is wild and free that isn’t good for the environment? For humanity?

33. Make Your Own Changes 
33220216-hippie-quotes… And by doing so, your positive energy will attract others that want to change the world in a positive way.

34. Promise & Peace 
34220216-hippie-quotesPeace, the underlying truth for every hippie. This quote makes for a great addition to any type of message you’re sending off – Pehaps a true example of hippie etiquette.

35. Be Yourself and Let Others Decide…
35220216-hippie-quotes… If they see enough worth in you to keep coming around. Do the same, do not judge, but analyze the worth someone will have in your life.

36. Value the Little Things
36220216-hippie-quotesIt’s always the little things in life that bring true happiness. The time you spend with others is especially important, because you’ll remember the feelings you had when spending time with them.

37. Forever Free 
37220216-hippie-quotesOne of our more brilliant hippie quotes, but it can be applied to nearly every type of woman in the world. This quote is something Americans truly believe in as well – whether male or female.

38. A Wild Path 
38220216-hippie-quotesTake the path less trodden. Sometimes it’s okay to be wild. The symbols within the picture above imply this message is coming from someone that believes in Wicca. No matter what your religion is, pay to attention to those haters out there and take the wild path.

39. Colorful Aura
39220216-hippie-quotesThe more positive vibes you radiate, the more positive your aura, and ultimately the more positive your health both physically and mentally.

40. Plan for a New Day
40220216-hippie-quotesThere is hope and faith in doing something today that should reflect an outcome tomorrow. We continuously do things to help us out the next day, whether its’s doing the dishes, folding the clothes….

41. Perception is Everything 
41220216-hippie-quotesYou can see everything before you, but to truly perceive what you see with the mind takes real thought processes.

42. Traveling Desert Hippie 
42220216-hippie-quotesMost hippies found themselves when they left home for special events and were able to travel with fellow hippies.

43. Every Hippie Dream…
43220216-hippie-quotesWas ultimately for peace. Still is.

44. Kind, Fierce, Brave
44220216-hippie-quotesThree traits hippies value.

45. Kindness is Always the Answer 
45220216-hippie-quotesNothing is more annoying than when your enemy is extraordinarily kind to you. It makes you want to punch them in the face more – thus the “kill them with kindness” becoming quite understandable.

46. Journey Through Life 
46220216-hippie-quotesWe will never know where life takes us. It’s the thrill of living. Therefore, never plan on a specific destination. Always aim for something, but never count on anything.

47. Just like the Sea 
47220216-hippie-quotesWho wouldn’t want to be wild and free and beautiful? The photography on this quote is done extremely well.

48. To Be a Modern Hippie
48220216-hippie-quotes… means you must break free of the norm. It isn’t easy trying to change your life, but trust me, it’s worth every minute of it once you’ve mastered your very self and all that makes you happy.

49. Barefoot Life 
49220216-hippie-quotesFlower children usually go barefoot, mainly in natural environments. Don’t take this advice when in the city or anywhere like a gas station…

50. Find It Within 
50220216-hippie-quotesCould it be love? What kind of magic lingers within our heart? The amazing thing about simplistic hippie quotes is that there are so many meanings behind them.

51. Sexy Mysterious Girl 
51220216-hippie-quotesIt’s never sexy to be an open book. Don’t let someone get to know you so easily. Keep pieces of your self a mystery, shrouded with love and beliefs.

52. Be Humble 
52220216-hippie-quotesExplore the Earth, that’s what a hippie would do. One of our hippie quotes that’s lovely and so true. It will expose you to the Earth, to natural beauty, and to some fresh air.

53. Be All You Wish 
53220216-hippie-quotesHippies are known to have done what they believed right – opposing the Vietnam war and engaging in freedom and love; promoting peace. They were exactly what they wanted to be.

54. Keeping the Earth Healthy 
54220216-hippie-quotesThis is a classic hippie belief. It’s one of our hippie quotes that also makes the most sense. War is a man-made endeavor, controlled by greedy hearts.

55. Beauty Amidst Mud
55220216-hippie-quotesThis quote is telling us to remain beautiful; remain our true self, even if we’re surrounded by that which we’re unhappy with or that which defies our own beliefs.

56. Hippie and Modern 
56220216-hippie-quotesA truth that many subcultures can agree on!

57. What is In You?
57220216-hippie-quotesWhat are your dreams? To become famous, to write a best-seller, to find a cure, to become the  next tycoon, to create jobs, etc.? Think of your dream and imagine a world without you fulfilling it. How sad would such a scenario be? Now, think of the world as if you had fulfilled your dreams. Is it a better place? Bet it is.

58. Don’t Just Judge 
58220216-hippie-quotesIt can be easy to look at someone and believe your thoughts on them are correct; that your first impression is the right one. But it’s true – we know none of the strangers we encounter. Don’t judge, you never know how much you may relate to someone.

59. Hippies Not Cell Phones 
59220216-hippie-quotesNothing beats the real interactions between two physical human beings. Cell phones are ultimately making us devoid of real human contact. It will play a significant role on our psyche.

60. Mother: How I Love You!
60220216-hippie-quotesHave you ever thanked your mother for giving birth to you on your birthday? Maybe you should consider… After all, she’s the one that suffered on your birthday.

61. Flowers not Diamonds
61220216-hippie-quotesOne of our hippie quotes that raises questions to me… If hippies are about the environment and loving it, then why would they want to kill flowers to wear in their hair? Just sayin’….

62. Wild Flowers for a Wild Spirit 
62220216-hippie-quotesHippies love wildflowers. Most of them did string flowers in their hair. While I love diamonds, they shouldn’t be so expensive. Only humanity places such value on gems. They themselves know not their worth.

63. Details and Small Moments 
63220216-hippie-quotesRemember, it’s the little things in life that count. Pay attention to every moment, just like when you were a child. Before you know it, life has passed you by and you wonder where all your years have gone.

64. Free Travels

A truth that’s both hippie and something else – many can relate to this quote as many of us want to travel the world. The only thing missing would be family.