Some Helpful Tips Before You Get Your First Tattoo


A tattoo is a form of body art that has become increasingly popular in recent years. While some people have a tattoo simply to have a fun and interesting design on their body, others opt to have a tattoo to make a personal statement or express themselves in some way. If you are considering having a tattoo, then there are some things you should consider before you take the plunge. Here are some helpful tips before you get your first tattoo.

Weigh Up the Pros and Cons

A tattoo is a big decision and is also a permanent one. Once you have the tattoo done, it is there for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of having one before you commit. Think about what having one will add to your life in comparison to any potential problems it may cause you either now or in the future.

Think Carefully About the Design

Your choice of design is important as it is something that you should still enjoy in the future. It should also reflect your personal style or interests. Take your time thinking about exactly how you would like your tattoo to look. There are also some things you should avoid or take extra time to think about. For example, if you are having a person’s name tattooed on your body, then you should consider how you will feel having to look at it if your relationship comes to an end. Similarly, choosing something that seems amusing in your youth may have less appeal and no longer seem funny as you mature.

Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Finding a reputable, hygienic and talented tattooist is essential. One of the best ways to do this is to speak to friends and family members who have already had a tattoo done. They can give you an honest account of their experiences and show you the quality of the work they have had done. If they have had bad experiences, they can also tell you which tattooists to avoid.

Read Reviews

Another way to find a decent tattooist is to go online. The Internet is an invaluable tool in finding out about people’s experiences and if they are happy with the end result or not. Many tattooists have their own website and these often have the reviews of former customers. However, it is important to remember that these reviews may have been carefully selected so that the website only shows positive reviews. It is worth looking on review websites and using social media for less biased opinions.

Check Out the Premises

It is also important to check out the premises of the tattoo parlor where you are considering having your tattoo completed. Check to see if the premises look clean and, if possible, watch while someone else is getting their tattoo. While watching this, observe the tattooist’s methods and ensure they are using clean needles and equipment before booking your appointment. It is worth noting that most qualified and experienced tattooists will hold certificates relating to hygiene and their skills as a tattooist. They may also have a wall display or a portfolio of their former work.