56 Fabulous Hairstyles For Women with Round Face Shape


When it comes to makeup, clothing, and hair, the shape of our face plays a significant part. Generally, there are seven different face shapes. Like a normal human being, we tend. We tend to notice and focus on the characteristics that we love the least, thinking all hairstyles will look crazy in our face shape.  This is why we think that finding the right hairstyle is a challenging task – a hard one.

This shouldn’t be the case, though, you – regardless of your face shape – are beautiful. Finding the right style for your crowning glory is not impossible. It is just about finding what suits you best. The most important way to find the best hairstyle for you is to determine the shape of your face accurately. By knowing the features of a round face, you are one step closer to finding a hairstyle that will flatter your face shape.

The round face shape is easier to determine more than you think. A face is considered round when the width and the length is approximately the same. Unlike other face shapes who have hard and angular features, a round face has a soft facial features which is seen in the rounded jaw line (most of the time has the same width as the forehead). The cheeks are usually the widest part of the face and are more fuller in appearance.

You can also measure the following areas to determine your face shape easier:

  1. Forehead
  2. Cheekbones
  3. Jawline
  4. Face Length

Round face shape will have the following results:

  • Similar measurement of face length and cheekbones.
  • Similar measurement of forehead and jawline.
  • Soft rounded jaw


Ladies with round face shape should consider getting a long and loose bouncy curls just like Miley Cyrus. This hair style will not just help draw away the attention from your jawline but will help elongate your face too.

For special events, a sexy side part is one of the hairstyle that you may want to consider. To achieve this look, create a side part just above the middle of either eyebrow. This trick will help create flattering angles.
A curly medium ‘do works perfectly to ladies who have round shape face. It gives your face some definition by giving a boxy look to your face. A hairstyle to try on your next event!
A known trick for ladies who have a round face is centre parting. By parting your hair in the center, it gives an illusion of a longer face which is always good for ladies like you.
Ladies who are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle should try the uneven bob with side swept bangs. It gives definition to a round face and is easy to maintain too!
















NEW YORK - JANUARY 06: Writer Deborah Kaplan attends the premiere of "Leap Year" at Directors Guild Theatre on January 6, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
Keep the attention away from the shape of your face and onto your eyes instead by getting a bangs that fall just below your eyebrows. A cut that complements a round face!




For the adventurous ladies, a pixie cut is a beautiful hairstyle to try. To give your cheekbones added definition, keep a little hair just in front of your ears. This hairstyle complements a round face.

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For casual days, try a messy bob with volume. It gives your face same definition like the other hairstyles. It’s just easier to achieve!


A tousled updo is a perfect way to wear your hair up and off your face. Ladies with a round face will benefit from the added volume. A red-carpet worthy hairstyle that is sexy yet classy!
Who says a low pony hairstyle can’t work on a round face? Just let the strands at the front long to hide some width while adding some length to your face.
A side-swept bangs is another hairstyle to try! This cut will give definition to your cheekbones and not on your face shape.
round face
Ladies with medium to long hair can give this hairstyle a try. Get layers just slightly below the chin. This will help your face appear longer.
Ladies with longer hairs will look gorgeous in a side-fringe hairstyle. This haircut will help a round face look narrower. It gives a glamourous yet relaxed look too!
This is another updo hairstyle that ladies with round face can try. Curl your bangs just around the cheekbones for added definition. This will surely flatter a rounded face!
Give your round face some love by getting a short bob cut. These hairstyles are perfect for ladies who wants to embrace their face shape rather than hiding it.
A halo braid mirrors the shape of your face. It will help draw attention to your cheekbones. A fun and pretty hairstyle for ladies who wants to show off their round face.
hairstyles for round faces
If you are looking for a safe yet flattering hairstyle, this is perfect for you! A cropped hair with a blunt cut at the bottom adds a line (rather than curves) to a round face.
A side-swept ponytail, when added with volume, helps elongate a round face. The messy ‘do can also give cheekbones added definition.
Another version of an updo hairstyle. The added side-swept bangs and statement earrings can help draw away the attention from your face shape. Accessories can help too, you know!
An edgy haircut just like Jennifer Lawrence’s works well for ladies who has a face shape similar as hers. The cut will help create an illusion of a longer face.
J. Law is an expert when it comes to getting the best hairstyle for her round face. The pixie cut with bangs worked perfectly on her face. Very chic!
Ladies with round face should take a cue from Adele. This multi-awarded singer is known for hairstyles that complements her face shape. Her favorite trick? Adding height in her hair resulting to an illusion of a longer face. Perfection!
A messy updo is a hairstyle that anyone can pull-off. Try putting your bun higher to add height. This will help elongate a round face.
Another version of a below-the-eyebrow bangs haircut! A simple trick to take away the attention from your face shape is to play around with accessories like a bonnet. It works wonder!
Want to add an extra oomph to your haircut? If you have extra time, add some definition and texture to the bottom of your hair. It gives your face definition, no fail.
If you are tired of having your long hair down but not yet ready for a bob, this chic and sleek hairstyle is for you. A sleek ponytail with added height. How many times are we going to feature Mila Kunis, right? Well, she’s the perfect inspiration for hairstyles that are perfect for a round face.
Here is another take on a hairstyle that is all about bob, side-swept bangs and texture! It defines your face making it less-round.
Kate Bosworth shows how to give a modern take to the usual updo. Let some hair casually fall from your face making it less round. This is an example of a relaxed and effortless updo hairstyle. No need to stress to make it look perfect, ladies!
Just like Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez (who has a round face shape as well) mastered the art of styling her hair to perfection. A sleek, side-parted hair in a low ponytail is another look to try.
Edgy ladies can give this hairstyle a try. Even with the side-shave, this cut will still work. Why? The other side of the hair combed sideways plus lots of volume do the trick!
Make a hair bun work for your face shape by putting it higher than usual. A fancy hair updo that adds height and looks stylishly cute too!
Ladies with round face will always benefit from a high ponytail. Add bangs to define your face. You’re good to go!
A textured bob elevates draws attention to your cheekbones. This hairstyle flatters all the right angles and is a must try for ladies with round face shape.
Vanessa Hudgens surely knows how to style her tresses right. Short, bouncy curls help define your face in all the right places.
Want a super glamorous look? Take an inspiration from Demi and go for big bouncy curls with plenty of volume!
Ladies with super long locks can give their straight hair ‘do a break. Opt to curl your hair as it can help emphasize your jaw line. A trick that ladies with round face can use!
On your next formal event, go for the old-Hollywood classic with this hairstyle. The curls perfectly frame your face. Full-on glam!
Effortless tousled bed head is a magnificent style for a round face. Hair falling just above the cheekbone will give your cheeks some definition. The volume and texture will help elongate a rounded face.
A deep-parted side bangs is a common hairstyle of choice for a round face. It gives an edge and definition rather than softening your face shape.
A look that we love! A bob with a textured bottom that is swept on the side. A great way to dress up a round face.
HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 21: Actress Mila Kunis attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Ted" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 21, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Straight and sleek like Mila Kunis’. This hairstyle flatters a round face. It’s a low-maintenance style too that anyone can achieve!
If you already have layers, give it a twist while adding definition to your round face like Selena Gomez’ by adding texture to your locks.
A lob or long bob can do wonders to your round face. How? By adding lots of volume to it! This hairstyle will help balance out the roundness of your face.
If you want to achieve (an illusion of) a more oval face shape, a deconstructed pixie cut is the way to go! It’s modern and sexy, perfect for the fierce girl in you.
A messed-up pixie cut is a go-to hairstyle for ladies with round face. The “messed-up” look will subtly add height and thus elongates your face!
Cameron Diaz is another hairstyle inspiration for girls with round face. A sleek and chic side-parted hair strategically emphasize your jaw line. A perfect evening hairstyle!
The good ‘ol hairstyle that is straight, sleek, and parted slightly off-centered is one of our favorite hairstyle for a round face shape. It gives off a narrower and longer face. Looks effortless and relaxed too!
Give a classic cut a modern twist by giving your bob lots of definition. The textured fringe will shift the attention from your face shape to your eyes. Sexy and sultry look!
Pixie cut with a full bangs is an effortlessly cool hairstyle for round faces. This look gives a modern retro vibe which we love!
Brave girls ditch covering up their round face. Try styling your bob this way to show off your face shape without going overboard. By parting your hair slightly off-centered help bring attention to your hairstyle as a whole. Nice, right?
A bob with uneven layers defines a round face. This is another hairstyle to try! A pop of red lipstick will help transfer the attention from your face shape to your gorgeous makeup!
Trade your usual flat bob to a bob with lots and lots of volume. Defines but won’t bring attention to your circular-shaped face!
If you are looking for new ways to style a bob haircut, try styling the bottoms outward. Doing this will help a round face appear longer.
arrives at The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and InStyle Presents "A Night Of Firsts" at Cecconi's Restaurant on December 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
If you’re tired of straight hair, why not try curling your hair sometimes? For medium length hair, curling the bottoms will give some definition (and edge) to your round face.
An Asymmetrical bob is another hairstyle that girls with round face like Kellt Clarkson should try! The uneven short layers can help magically define your face.

There you go! Having a round face shape isn’t bad at all. There are tons of beautiful hairstyles that will flatter your face shape. All you have to do is research to know what works best on you! From straight to curly, short to long – you can absolutely pull it off. So  go ahead and get the haircut that you always want to have (use this as a guide). Lastly, remember that the key to pulling it off is to have confidence! Good luck!