Haircare Guide: Selecting The Proper Hair Care Items


Strolling along endless rows of cosmetics in the local shop or just surfing the net in search of the greatest hair care products? Surely, you want your hair to be smooth and silky, and healthy-looking, as all those ads promise you by only using their production. But usually, you don’t get the desired result and continue looking for the best hair care products – the best straightening brush, shampoo, conditioner, and so on.

It seems to be an eternal process like the fight between good and evil, blondes and brunettes, ketchup and mayonnaise, and all the things like these. Your never-ending searchings for the best hair care products may stop one day. Perhaps, it will happen right after reading the article below. You will finally get the shampoo, the conditioner, and the styling product which your hair has always been craving for.

The Shampoo

Whether you wash your hair daily or once a week, a hair shampoo becomes a part of your hair care routine. To find the perfect product is a burning issue for each and every girl. Sometimes, it takes years to detect your special one. In some cases, it takes even more. Is there a secret of how to ease the search process of the Shampoo?

While many experts recommend starting with the determination of the type of your hair, there is another not so obvious solution for selecting the right kind of shampoo. Hair care should begin from the roots, and I literally mean it. You need to create good conditions for your scalp to let it produce healthy follicles and thus maintain beautiful and shiny look for your hair.

The main shampoo mission is to remove dirt and sebum off your scalp. It has to be efficient though gentle cleansing. Pay attention to the fact how quickly does your hair becomes greasy and requires washing. If your hair loses freshness in 1-2 days after washing, you have an oily type of scalp. If it needs cleansing only once a week or twice, you must be a possessor of a dry scalp. Normal type of head skin comes somewhere in-between. Sensitive scalp reacts more intensively to all kinds of external impact.

After realizing what your scalp type is, you can select the shampoo and shampooing routine accordingly. Your primary goal is to achieve the result when shampooing isn’t needed more than 2-3 times per week. It will mean, your scalp become healthier and produces the right amount of sebum.

You should consider that frequent washing deprives the scalp of its own protective abilities, thus it begins to produce even more sebum. Don’t get into this trap: take non-washing and non-styling breaks to let your scalp calm and restore. Frequent shampooing, however, is required if you apply styling products daily. They attract pollution to your hair, so you need faster free your hair from the styling remains.

The more oily your scalp is, the more thorough cleansing it needs. For example, L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo may come as a perfect solution: it absorbs grease from the scalp and nourishes strands. The more sensitive and dry your skin is, the more mild care it requires such as OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo or Christophe Robin Low Shampoo.

The universal shampoo solution for each scalp type: look for delicate, organic ingredients, and SLS-, parabens-, and sulfates-free compositions.

The Conditioner

If the Shampoo should correspond to the type of scalp, the Conditioner has to be selected according to the hair type and structure. To determine both criterions, you can refer to widely-known Andre Walker Hair Typing System. Due to this system, there are four types of hair which are straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Subtypes which are A, B and C enhance each basic type with such characteristics as thickness, porosity, smoothness, and density. A is for the thinnest hair in the row, C is for the most coarse correspondingly.

Thus the hair type gives the overall picture, and subtypes add accents. When selecting a conditioner, you need to consider both criterions. Some may think mistakenly that conditioners make hair heavy and prone to greasiness. Others don’t use conditioners to save time after shampooing or just because of laziness. And that is all wrong. Conditioners smooth and lock hair cuticles after washing so your hair keeps its shine outside and the moisture inside.

Remember that washing is rather a traumatic procedure for your hair: it becomes prone to damage and breakage after this. That is why a conditioner is needed to take care of your locks disturbed by water and shampoo. When you finally understand that using a conditioner is an absolute must, the only thing remained is to sort out which of these products is the best option for your hair type.

To the possessors of straight locks, almost any conditioner is suitable. In this case, you need to orientate on specific demands of your hair. Does it need more moisture or lacks volume? In the latter case, Volume Rose Conditioner by Matrix will bring you both soft nourishment and volume.

Wavy hair usually suffers from puffiness and high porosity. If these are the issues that concern you, refer to OUAI Smooth Conditioner. More distinct curls corresponding to the third, curly type will flourish most with a product like Dream Curls Conditioner by John Frieda.

Match a specific treatment, if your hair is color-dyed no matter what type it is. Alterna Caviar Infinite Color Hold or Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner are marvelous in this case. Such products will take care not only of your hair smoothness but for the long-term color retention.

The universal conditioner tip for everyone: select the product due to your hair type and needs. Apply a conditioner on a hair slightly dried with a towel. To achieve the best results from use, combine it with a shampoo of the same series.

The Styling

Finding The Styling is probably the most individual issue among others. Besides, not everybody uses it regularly, and those who use, do it for specific purposes. The variety of styling products for hair can amaze even experienced beauty bloggers. Let’s try to recount them: sprays, mousses, foams, gels, waxes, putties, clays, pomades, volumizers, resins, glues, oils, and so on. There is definitely much to talk about.

Finding The Styling utterly depends on your personal impressions of the product. So if you like playing with hairstyles, you like experimenting with different styling products. Some of them are more delicate to your hair when others are meant to maintain the long-lasting effect.

I just would like to recommend you some of my favorite styling products worth your attention. I advise you to buy a small jar of OSIS + powder for all occasions. This product textures, gives volume, makes hair supple, and leaves a light finish after all.

For a strong hold, use hair sprays. The one with impressive hold properties from Kevin Murphy brings a strong fixation to an overall hairstyle or particular strands. The hair looks natural after its use without sticking or any other unwanted consequences.

For extra-strong fixation, Urban Tribe 07.1 Super Glue is the perfect match. With the help of this glue, you fix hair tightly and then easily survive rain, wind or any other extreme weather. This product can also be used for texturing or smoothing long hair.

The Styling is so individual, but still, there are some universal recommendations for its use. Apply styling products on clean hair, wet or dry — it depends on the instruction of each particular item. Do not use styling too often, it clogs your hair and scalp, and may lead to their greasiness and dullness. Wash off hair styling products as soon as possible: your hair will only thank you for this.

The Final

The end of your suffering is near: you already know the secret of how to find The Shampoo, The Conditioner, and The Styling for your particular hair types and needs. Use these recommendations the next time you will be gazing long rows of cosmetic products in a shop, and you won’t ever mistake again.

Author: Monica Davis, professional hairstylist, women’s success coach, founder and author of blog. Hair care and styling are my big passion, that is why I spend many hours in search of perfect products and tools for hair.