Great gift ideas for the wine lover in your life


Buying something for someone is never easy. If you want to be thoughtful and get a present that will actually be appreciated, putting in the necessary effort is advised. For the wine lover in your life, you have available a wide variety of interesting and useful ideas you can choose from.

You’ve probably already bought more than enough bottles of wine for your wine lover friend along the years, so it’s time to be a bit more creative, and choose something different this time. So what exactly are your options here? What should you buy someone who does in fact take great joy in the occasional good glass of wine? Here are some ideas that will likely impress:

A high-quality wine stopper

Your friend probably already has a few sine stoppers in the house, but not one with a clever design. Nowadays, you can find on the market some useful products, which can do more than just keep an opened bottle in proper condition. Choose a stopper that twistable date rings incorporated. These will help them keep track of when the bottled was opened, day and month.

A personalized wooden wine box

Still don’t want to skip on the expensive wine bottle you’ve become used to giving your friend on special occasions? Make it a little extra this time around and choose to place it in a customized wooden box. More wine vendors are giving their customers the possibility to buy their bottles in wooden wine boxes. If you can add a few personalized touches, the gift will be even more impressive. After drinking the wine, your loved one can keep the wooden box in their collection to remember your thoughtful present. It’s an easy, yet great idea that any oenophile would enjoy.

An artsy wine cooler

Wine coolers are a must-have for the common wine aficionado, but you can still buy them a great one, if you focus on design more than on practicality. Some stores have available wine coolers with an artsy design. These can function as a great decoration for the living room, while being useful in keeping the wine at an optimal temperature. A sophisticated, handcrafted item of this kind will provide them with a cool and stylish way of storing vintage wine bottles. Look at a few designs and choose one that you think would go great with your friend’s interior décor or wine rack design.

Wine tote

If you’re always seeing them with a wine bottle in their hand when you’re going on a picnic or summer brunch, then it’s certainly time to get them a special tote bag. You can find some fashionable, chic wine totes in stores and online, with room for one or several bottles. This accessory will make bottle carrying easier and more comfortable, and keep the bottles safe from breaking. This item will certainly become indispensable for wine lovers once they set their eyes on it.

Smart wine opener

Make it easier for your beloved wine enthusiast to open as many bottles of wine as they want with a smart wine opener. Traditional corkscrews aren’t any longer the most useful accessory for oenophiles, now you have some state-of-the-art gadgets that ensure a cleaner, faster and more efficient opening experience. Check out of a few options and opt for a smart design. Even a casual sipper would benefit from having this type of gadget in their house.

Wine carafe

For a fancy dinner at home, a wine carafe would certainly add sophistication to the entire table setting. A great design will dress up the dining room table and will make wine drinking that more enjoyable. Serving wine from a carafe instead of the actual bottle is something wine connoisseur slike to do, in order to let the wine breathe before serving it. The beautiful designs of some of the carafes you can purchase these days make this type of item the perfect gift idea.

Shower wine glass holder

If you’re looking for something fun that you know the “grape nut” in your life doesn’t already own, something that is affordable at the same time, think about a shower glass holder. If you know they are the type of person who would go anywhere with a glass of wine in their hand, give them the chance to enjoy their favorite beverage even when they’re taking a shower, and get them this funny item. Even if they won’t end up using it that often, the two of you will certainly share some laughs over your funny ingenuity.

Wood cheese board

Everyone knows that a selection of cheeses makes any wine tasting more enjoyable, cheese and wine simply go remarkably well together. If you want to be a more creative with your gift, but still get them something that has to do with their love for wine, a wood cheese board can be a smart choice. Next time you’ll get together for a home wine tasting evening, they’ll have a proper board to put some tasty cheeses to go along with the drinks.

Wine stain remover

Who knows how many clothes your friend has actually ruined just because they like drinking wine a little too much. Just in case they tend to get a bit clumsy when having a glass of their favorite red wine, they should have a stain remover close by. Red wine stain removers are affordable, you can get them from Amazon, and they will certainly come in handy at some point.

These are a few options you can’t go wrong with if you want to surprise someone you know loves wine. It’s always better to make safe choices, instead of buying something you aren’t exactly sure the other person will like, and if they are in fact a known wine enthusiast, it’s impossible for them not to appreciate the ideas mentioned above. From a personalized wooden wine box to shower wine glass holder, each one of these gifts will likely be enjoyed by the wine aficionado in your life.