Go Big And Go Bold With Statement Pieces – How To Make Them Work For Your Home


While your house furniture needs to be practical and comfortable, it doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. Going big and bold with unique statement pieces that have pops of color or interesting patterns and shapes are one of the best ways to make big statements with your home décor. With that, it is important to know how to make the pieces you pick work for you without overpowering your home-style theme.

Choose a Focal Point. When it comes to picking out bold pieces, the less you have, the more that they will stand out. Having too many statement makers in one room will be too over the top. Once you pick your statement piece, and maybe a few smaller, less ornate ones, where you place your statement piece is also important. It needs to be the focal point of the room. That being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean placing it in the middle of the room. It depends on the pieces; whether a large gold framed mirror, a lavish chandelier, or a brightly colored sofa. Placing the items where they belong is sure to bring all eyes toward it, creating the effect you are looking for.

Mix Materials and Fabrics. There are many ways to go about making big statements with your home furniture. One way is to mix up your materials and fabrics, in a way that complements each other while providing depth to the room. Try mixing woods and metals or plush velvet couches with linen-covered cushions, or even mixing silver and gold metals. There are a ton of ideas to choose from at Big Save, from pieces that incorporate a lot of different materials to pieces that come in different colors, they have an extensive collection of furniture. When conducting your search, figure out the material of the item you are looking for; like a wood lamp table, then pick a complimentary item like a metal lampstand for it in a different element.

Finding Pattern or Accent. If you want to make a bold statement, it is difficult to accomplish it if you always stick to solid colors and pale or light shades and colorings. When you add vivid patterns and prints to your furnishings, it automatically transforms them. Patterns catch the eye and create an impression for a room that it has a personality. Whether you choose matching patterns or contrasting ones, it will help to add an accent to your interior. Keep in mind to mix your patterns as to not make them too overpowering. Patterns that have bolds strips should be accompanied by smaller prints of the same color to create balance.

Oversized or Colorful Art. If all of the above seem too daring, you can incorporate a different type of statement piece. Using oversized and different pieces of wall art can create the bold pop you are looking for, without the need to completely revamp your house. This will create an eye-catching piece that can become a focal point of any room or the next talk piece at any house gathering. The best thing is that your art will either provide you with the accent you are looking for, or it can be the color-contrasting, unique piece that offsets the rest of the décor in the room. Where you hang your art piece will also be important; you don’t want it to overpower a room if misplaced in a tight area or crowded by too many pieces near it.

Statement Chandeliers. Like oversized paintings, chandeliers can be art pieces or statements in their own right. Hanging a large, beautiful chandelier in an unexpected place will attract a lot of attention and make a point. The usual chandelier spots such as dining rooms, foyers, or over the kitchen counter are all ok. But to make a loud statement, look to hang it in the middle of the living room, or on the landing on the stairs. The color and the materials you choose for your chandelier are also other ways to make an impression. Don’t go for neutral colors, but maybe go for the draped crystal hanging chandeliers, or a black metal one with chandelier arms.

Making bold statements in your home doesn’t have to be a scary experience or a loud one either. If you are still a beginner to being comfortable with loud and bold pieces, start by picking a few elements from the suggestions above and keeping our tips in mind. These will help you easily create an interesting statement room that can reflect your taste and personality without having to go through a whole house redecoration.