Gift Ideas For Your Long-Distance Best Friend


Gift ideas for your long-distance best friend

Having a long-distance best friend is hard. Your texting schedules might be out of alignment due to different time zones, you miss the opportunity on shared events, and you can’t be there with them during bad times.

Despite all of that, you know your friendship will endure. Here are some of the best gift ideas to show your long-distance best friend how much you care, and that the miles don’t really matter.

Friendship Lamps

In recent years, friendship lamps have become a favored gift for people separated by long distances. Whether it’s a long-distance relationship or grandparents who live far from their grandkids, these innovative lamps can make you feel closer.

No matter how far away you are from one another, when you tap your lamp, your friend’s light turns on. This is a beautiful way to tell someone you’re thinking about them without using words, which is fitting, as there are some feelings words can’t describe.

Custom Wine Glasses or Coffee Mugs

You’re never too far apart to share a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Get yourselves a set of matching glasses or mugs so that you can enjoy a shared beverage over video chat.

There are plenty of options for custom glassware. Get one that shows the outline of your home states or with a beautiful quote about friendship.

Old-School Best Friend Necklaces

If you and your bestie have been partners in crime since you were kids, there’s nothing as nostalgia-inducing as an old-school best friend necklace. These necklaces were traditionally in the shape of a broken heart with one side saying “best” and the other side saying “friends.” When the two sides are brought together, they fit seamlessly.

Get a custom twist on your childhood best friend necklaces by having a bespoke piece commissioned that fits your adult style.

Local Favorites

If your best friend had to move away, chances are they’re missing home. Send them a care package with local favorites, so they can get a taste of home wherever they are in the world. This package could consist of anything from local wines to treats from their favorite bakery.

Just be sure that it’s legal to ship the items you’ve chosen before you drop them in the mail. If you’re crossing international borders, there may be strict regulations about some of your local favorites.

Custom Photo Book

For an easy-yet-thoughtful gift, create a photo book of you and your best friend. Collect the many memories you’ve shared over the years for a sentimental gift your bestie is sure to love. You can even get creative and scan in old ticket stubs and favorite inside jokes you’ve shared along the way.

The best part about ordering a custom photo book for your friend is that many online shops offer a discount on a second copy, so you can grab one for yourself!

Homesick Candle

Home isn’t just about the company you miss and the scenery you know and love. Smell is a potent memory-booster. When you smell a scent from your past, it often brings back forgotten memories from your subconscious.

Give your faraway bestie the gift of home with a Homesick candle. These specially crafted candles are made to emit scents that remind customers of their chosen location.

For example, the New York City candle is reminiscent of spring days in Central Park, with essences of bergamot and oakwood. The Colorado candle has elements of spruce, cinnamon, and clean, crisp air. Choose a city, state, or country that says “home” to your best friend.

While nothing beats the time you spend together, these gifts can help fill the void until you see each other again. Choose the right gift for your best friend, so that they know how much you mean to them.